Quote from my book

The ideal man as I think, however, is a woman. So the ideal man is the ideal woman, she is the prototype of humans. And though the ideal woman is the ideal human, this does neither mean that females are superior to men nor that males are in any way worse than females. Of course, both are equally the source of everything, so my previous thesis that one cannot exist without the other and actually needs the other will not be dashed. The ideal woman is the Va girl. Here, ‘girl’ does not refer to a minor, of course, but to an adult unmarried woman, who has no real life experience, unlike the married one, who has a family life and a certain responsibility. […] So the Va girl, the bonkrih, due to being independent, is free, and thus can be taken as the human model. She is diligent and hard-working (cou ca/ jou ja), generous (hang rhawm/ hang hrom) and very kind-hearted (mhawm rhawm/ hmom hrom). Her wisdom (ping nya) is very deep-rooted. This diligence, generosity, wisdom and her ultimate warm-hearted benevolence (sibieh) towards everyone lies within her soul and flows through her body, balancing body and soul. This unity in the Va girl indeed makes her intriguing, a fascination for everyone, because she never wants anything evil for anyone. The basic goodness, the good which is in her soul, is expressed to the outside, the tranquility and compassion (sibieh) cannot only be heard through her words, but seen in her deeds. She acts according to her words which makes it possible for everyone to see her pure soul (khwam rhawm/ kuan hrom). Her kind heart is part of it, because the heart, the θυμός, through which courage is expressed, is the intermediate of the soul between the λογιστικόν and the ἐπιθυμητικόν.

Timo Schmitz: “The Va girl ideal” (bonkrih vax) – The model of human-beings (11 October 2020). In: Timo Schmitz: A Divinely Way to Philosophy, Vol. 2. Trier & Vachendorf: Graf Berthold Verlag, 2022.


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