My Archive Of Languages (2017 Edition) – NOW AVAILABLE !!! – ISBN: 9783745005103


When I was very young, I started to collect phrases and words in many different languges and within the years I created a big archive. In the first edition of “My Archive Of Languages” (2016), I opened the archive to the public.

This new edition contains updates and more phrases, new exercises, introductions into scripts and other features that were not included in the previous edition. The work is divided in the so called ‘manuscripts’ which are the collected files, and an appendix with ‘Notes’. These notes contain useful information about the languages, grammatical features, explanations to the phrases, etc., making it a general reference work. It is intended for polyglots who want to get a glimpse in different languages and work with them on their own. The book is multilingual, but most manuscripts are explained in English, though some are given in German, French, Chinese or Russian.

The languages that can be found in this book:
Arabic (dialects only)
Cameroon Pigin (“Bad English”)
Circassian (Adyge & Kabardin)
Chechen (+ Kist)
Fakauvea (Wallisian)
Farsi/ Dari
Fiji Hindi
Indonesian/ Malay
Irish Gaelic
Karoninka (Karone)
Kreyol (St. Lucia)
Kurdish (Sorani)
Mbuwing/ Awing
Monegasque (Monegascu)
Romani/ Romanes
Swiss German
Tatar (Volga Tatar)
Turkish (Turkey)
Zhuang/ Buyi


My Archive Of Languages (E-Book)


When I was very young, I started to collect phrases and words in many different languges and within the years I created a big archive. In this book, I want to open the archive to the public. The work consists of the so called ‘manuscripts’ which are the collected files, and an appendix with ‘Notes’. These notes contain useful information about the languages, grammatical features, explanations to the phrases, etc., making it a general reference work. It is intended for polyglots who want to get a glimpse in different languages through a few examples and want to understand the relations of the languages through these examples. In addition, this book contains a new orthography proposal for Lingao language, which does not a broadly written standard yet. In addition, there is a small introduction on Serbo-Croatian and a Luxembourgish course with 12 lessons, since Luxembourgish is my native language. The book is multilingual and the manuscripts are explained either in English, German, French, Chinese or Russian, so it is mandatory to know these languages, though this work might be useful for someone who is only fluent in English.

The languages that can be found in this book:

Arabic (dialects only)
Cameroon Pigin
Hindi (Fiji)
Indonesian/ Malay
Irish Gaelic
Jingpo/ Kachin (Myanmar)
Karoninka/ Karone
Kreyol (St. Lucia)
Mbuwing/ Awing
Monegasque/ Monegascu
Romani/ Romanes
Swiss German
Tibetan (two Kham dialects)
Zhuang/ Buyi/ Nung


Timo Schmitz: My Archive Of Languages
Language: Multilingual
Published: 10 December 2016
Publishing House: epubli GmbH
ISBN: 9783741875007

My first poetry collection for free download

I published my first poetry collection in 2013, and I think that’s quite a while ago. Since then, a lot of things happened in my life, and also my writing style changed a lot. When I look back to what I wrote in 2012 and 2013 in general, I often think “Gosh, is that really me?”.

Therefore, I offer you to download this poetry collection for free (although probably just temporarily). If you really like my English poetry, I also recommend you to buy my poetry books “Treasure in my mind” (2013) and “Falling apart” (2015).


DOWNLOAD HERE: For better and for worse – A collection of poems (PDF)

Timo Schmitz: “Cold frozen night” (2013)

The wind is loudly knocking on the window,
It’s the same than in my heart, I just feel so,
A restless heart is searching for peace, saying “let it go”.

The wind blows faster, faster and faster,
Outside there must be a big disaster,
Just like the pain in my heart that I can’t master.

My heart just can’t cool down,
Why the yours I cannot own,
My heart is broken as if it was thrown.

You cannot understand what a refusal means in heart,
You do not know how it feels, thousand broken pieces, apart,
Your coldness so near, the way I know you so far.

In my dreams I hold you tight,
The way to our heart, warm and bright,
But all I feel now, a cold frozen night.


Written in: July 2012

Adopted from: Schmitz, Timo. For better and for worse – A collection of poems. Berlin, 2013. ISBN 978-3-8442-6222-3. All rights reserved.

Timo Schmitz: “Today I had a thought of you” (2013)

Today I had a thought of you,
It is not that worth thinking of you,
I know you have another one,
And all what happened between us is done.

You can keep him if you want,
I don’t care anymore about what you want,
You abused my trust, you really scared me,
All the tears I cried in the deep blue sea.

Not only the memories are left,
In fact it is only you who left,
And so you went away,
I never forced you to stay.

The biggest luck was being without you,
I can go a better way in life without you,
I will show you that I don’t need you,
And honestly, you don’t need me too.


Written in: July 2012

Adopted from: Schmitz, Timo. For better and for worse – A collection poems. Berlin, 2013. ISBN 978-3-8442-6222-3. All rights reserved.

My poetry: “Falling Apart” (2015)

falling apart

“Love and hate, desire and loneliness, happiness and sadness – everything lies so close to each other, and all these are experiences that every human-being has to go through. This poetry collection deals with our feelings – love, longing, desire, unfulfilled wishes, future dreams. Its bright language and imagery tries to make the situations to the reader alive and awakes compassion and sensitiveness.”

Table of content:

Letting you go (I won’t hear what you say)
This moment
I feel something in my heart
Dedicated to someone I really treasure
Longing for the Lover
Ages ago
Her everlasting night
Frozen Love
Trigger me
Drowned poem
Bloody life
Withered flower harvest
New hope
Silent strangers
Dark inquiry
Smiling eyes can hide the dark
Moonlight nights and heavy fog
The snitcher
Underworld (II)
Scattered wounds are bleeding
Fog is rising
Let’s love each other!
Snowstorms coming
Journey round the world
Light in the dark
My Secret
I try hard not to fall deeper
Drawn angels still no life inside
Love me as you never did
Nothing can divide my heart
Dreaming in a dream’s divine
Signs of drama
The Blessed Soul
No sight can climb the wall
Colors are changing
Feeling that no star is shining
In a lost world’s playground dirt
I hope that we can be
Easy words and little steps
Take me to Nebraska
Dark dust cov’ring memories
You live into me
Loving the loving when they drown in the sea
Feel me in your lover’s wave
Breaking Roses
Every forever
Flying above a city’s skyline
Soon as my nightmare disappears
Dust in bowls that run the road
Someday on a night-hearts train
Courage to love – and to confess
Giving time
Dark Light
Lonely Soul
Gray shades deep night’s loneliness
Children are dying everyday!
Dozens of thunders over my brain
Purely in your eye’s delight
Dark Night
The Pure
God-sent gift
My universe
Living a moment
The most happy moment
No way to hurt
I almost can’t hide it
Fallen down
It’s your birthday
On a single sheet a rhyme
I want peace (In a world a lonely seed)
Crying in the night
Don’t destroy yourself
Because you mean a lot to me
Kind is your horizon
Longing following the road
Imaginary love
Wake up, my dear
When the world turns to its end
If only you are happy
The divine beloved of time
You are still the one, I’ll never forget
Dream of me tonight
In the silence where you’re walking
I know that I am just dreaming
When you play this melody
I see your photo
Loving you makes me so sad
Hopeless cry
My honest love
When the lights of the world are turning off


Timo Schmitz: Falling Apart
Language: English
Published: 20 June 2015
Publishing House: epubli GmbH
ISBN: 9783737546034

Poetry: „Treasure in my mind“


My second poetry work “Treasure in my mind” has been released in November 2013. The book is written in English.
Compared to my first book it has some essential changes. One major change is the use of language. It can be regarded in two ways: a) the use of different languages, b) the use of different styles concerning language. Altgough most poems are originally written in English, there are some poems written in other languages, such as German, Luxembourgish, French and Chinese, but an English translation is always added. In addition, a German version was added to every poem written in Luxembourgish. The Luxembourgish language is very important for me, as it is an endangered language spoken in my native area. Many young people don’t speak our language anymore. This sad fact motivates me to provide and promote our language with lovely poems.

The use of different styles is very important in this book. Especially the connection between the style and the issue is very important and essential for every great poem. Therefore I added some more poems about the July to create a connection to my first work. But then, the July disappears and new styles related to spring and summer gain the major importance. They deal with longing (Tishina), time (The last twelve months), a happy get-together (Shared Time; Two Crazy days), wishes and endurance (Everyday; Endless time), seperation (Two weeks), pure love (Pure Love) and striving for self-development (Down next to the castle; Treasure in my mind; Young, wild and free). Furthermore, it deals with dreams of lovely islands (Pacific Dreams; Curaçao) and the own desire for adventures and satisfaction in relationships on a physical level (Rock my world; The best; Let’s do it!; My sweetest passion; Rainclouds over Wushan; Seducing Caribbean!). These poems shall help us moving forward in our relationships and respecting each other’s longing and wishes. But there is a lot more to discover in my book: New starts (A special beginning) and fears of being alone and desperate situations (Love and despair; Hopeless veneration) are providing a weird contrast.

It is worth to mention that language plays are developing different and refreshing views on the topics. There are plays with informal language and neologisms (All my thoughts belong to you), plays with proverbs and idioms (My forever one) and allusions taken from other languages. For example, there’s a nice proverb in Italy called “reheated cabbage”. This proverb is used to describe a relationship with a partner you’ve split up before. When you go on with the relationship, you actually remember why you’ve split up. It’s just the same with the cabbage. After reheating, you remember why you’ve stopped eating it before.
Those humorous symbols are perfect for poems because they tell their own stories without using many words at all. The poem “The garden of my youth” is a play with names. We’re often not aware which meanings names actually have. It’s a funny glimpse to discover some of them. A phenomena typical of German is described in the poem “Germanized”. Germans always yell about the fact that the German language nowadays has many English loans (or at least it is believed that they are loans, as in German the word “Handy” means mobile phone, still many people believe that it’s the same word in English which is wrong). Many Germans complain about all those anglicisms like “Romantic Comedy”, “Special Effects” or “Handout”. Anyways, we often forget that there are plenty of German words in the English language like “angst”, “schadenfreude” or “blitzkrieg”. The word “fahrvergnügen” is conquering the English-speaking world, because Germany is famous for their cars. And even the word “rosenkrieg” which is derived from the english expression “war of roses” can be found in English conversation. And if you search for an English word for “Brause”, it’ll be a desperate search. “Germanized” is dealing with understanding and being understood and the fact that nations are coming closer and language is a global matter.

Self-development (Moving forward) and romantic issues are very important in my work. The poem “Majestic Beauty” shows references to Sheykhi’s Khusrev and Shirin. The poem “Love and despair” has a reference to a classical work: Leyla and Majnun. The Persian poet Nizami Gencevi (from Genca, nowadays Azerbaijan) and the Azerbaijani poet Fuzuli (who lived in nowadays Iraq) wrote their versions of Leyla and Majnun. Both versions are famous in the whole world and the very classical example regarding desperate love.
Back to my book. “The sun greets the morning” shows two important elements. At first, it covers my well-known symbolism of July. Second, it covers the symbol of sin. It’s a reference to Jami’s Yusuf and Zuleikha. The main question might be “Loving somebody can be a sin?”. In muslim societies, a married man thinking of another woman is commiting a sin. Yusuf and Zuleikha is not only written in the Quran, but also told in the Bible and the Jews have this story in their religious texts. Saying that JUST thinking of somebody else can be a sin is a very easy way to say. It is easy to defame people just because they thought of somebody else, but I would say that in fact everybody sometimes thinks of someone else, e.g. one own’s puppy love. So why shall we suppress our thoughts and feelings? We don’t need to feel ashamed. Love is not a sin, but a gift.

Another important topic is philosphy. Poems refering to great philosophers (Butterfly dream), poems about important questions in our life (What about life?), about the “Uknown” and the unknown future (Unknown tomorrow), about our feeling of space and time (Beyond the space, beyond the time) shall expand our horizon.
To put it in a nutshell this book deals with happiness and sadness, longing and passion, being in love and being alone and of course, philosophical matters that shall make us think about ourselves and our environment in general.

Table of content:


I wish I could hold your hand
Now that you’ve left
July impression
The last twelve months
Shared Time
Looking at you
Two crazy days
Two weeks
Pure Love
Endless time
Down next to the castle
Treasure in my mind
End of July
Pacific Dreams
A special beginning
Rock my world
My forever one
All my thoughts belong to you
The best
Let’s do it!
My sweetest passion
Moving forward
The stream from the mountain
You are what I was searching for
Rain clouds over Wushan
High speed ride
We always go on
I want to say I love you
Nightly Date
You are missing
Seducing Caribbean!
Nobody’s perfect
Black socks
Butterfly dream
Young, wild and free
Unknown tomorrow
After one year (August 2013)
New faces
July environment
Final step
Their last act
Hopeless veneration
Majestic Beauty
Beyond the space, beyond the time
A breeze of the hyacinth’s fragrance
Entity of myself
On the search of the right way
Who are we and who we are
Love and despair
If I fall, I can stand up again
Unrevealed mystery
Uncertain environment
The sun greets the morning
The garden of my youth
Troublesome moment
What about life?
Your fragrance
Happiness is everywhere
My heart is injured
Realized I love you
Shaken to the core
Balancing reasons for a confession
Opal blue eyes
When I see you in the morning
Golden Jubilee Girl
Follow me
Unheard voices
If you ask me to tell you, what are you made of
One day without you
The post card from my heart which I’ve never sent
Something is different today
Happy future
I didn’t find the right title
Oh, Ivy!
A part of you has grown in me
The thirteenth Piano Trio

German (Deutsch):

Sehnsucht (Longing)
Hier und jetzt (Here and Now)
Gewitter (Thunder)
Mein Mädchen (My girl) [Brazilian]
Rosenkrieg (War between former couples)
Über Nacht (Over night)

Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergesch):

Froen an meng tristesse (Questions to my sadness)
Mäin Dram ou Wat ass Gléck? (My dream or What is
Questioun philosophique: Réalitéit a Wierklechkeet (A philosophical question about the existence of reality)
Vexéirt sinn (Being hurt)

French (Français):

Voyage aventureux (Adventorous trip)
Tous les jours (Everyday) [Canadian]

Chinese (中文):

亲爱的走去了 (My beloved one went away) [Mandarin]
拜拜 (Bye-Bye) [Mandarin]
太远 (Too far) [Mandarin, Northern Dialect]
我现在都一个人 (Now I’m all alone) [Mandarin]

Where can I get the book?

The book is aviliable as an e-book. You can buy it and read it on a reader, your smartphone, your tablet computer or your computer. Please read the information on the website where you plan to buy it to see which reading devices are supported.


Timo Schmitz: Treasure in my mind
Language: English
Published: 23 November 2013
Publishing House: epubli GmbH
ISBN: 9783844271935


Timo Schmitz

4 April 2014


For better and for worse

For better AND for worse? … Sounds as if someone mixed up the idiom that people use to say when they marry, which actually is called “For Better OR For Worse”. To me, as a German, this sounds in some way strange that something shall turn better OR worse. It is like a black and white scenary. Life can be better, or life can be worse. Loving someone can be better, or loving someone can be worse. In German we have the frequent idiom “In guten wie in schlechten Zeiten” which literally means “In good times and in bad times likewise”. Therefore I decided to break the English idiom. I don’t want to say that something should be better or worse. I want to remember that a relationship isn’t always just better or worse, but both. Sometimes we have happy moments and we feel so happy for our relationship. And sometimes we have bad moments, we have quarrels. We can’t always have sunshine. We also have to accept the rain. Therefore we should accept good and bad times alike. FOR BETTER AND FOR WORSE!

In July 2013, I published my book “For better and for worse – A collection of poems” (epubli GmbH, Berlin 2013). The book contains a collection of poems, short stories and thoughts covering a writing period of one year, showing happy and romantic moments, but mostly desperate love. Why desperate love? I think, sometimes when someone really needs someone – no one shows up. We listen everywhere that the world is full of sorrow – but when someone needs us, we just disappear. People don’t care. Not all the people – but everyone might have had this experience before. Therefore, in certain ways, my book also considers human balance and indirectly deals with ideas and social critics about human relationships and treatment. Let’s all care more about the people we are dear with, and “give sunshine” to people who are just in need. Maybe, if one day, we are sad and lonely – who will support us? We will be glad for everyone who is our real true friend. Therefore, for the archievment and development of human kindness, let us be caring in advance without expecting to receive anything back.


Table of Content


A feeling of love


Cold Spring

You forgot me, but I can’t forget you


Deserve me


It’s not your fault

It’s never too late

Summer Nights

Today I had a thought of you


Cold frozen night

This is why I love you so

New start

Waiting for you

Far away

I had this chance today

Indestructible Heart

Blue Sky

That’s the way, my love just tasted

Missing communication

Broken Heart

Love letter

If you had accepted me

Safety in Heart

The way to self-fulfilment


Next station: No sorrow!

Hold my hand

What’s a dream worth?

December Storm

Lovely Strangers


November Night


No thoughts of you

Winter feelings

Something old – something new

In a lonely december night

Painful Parting

Spring dream

Not again


Cold afternoon in March

Confession to myself

Long time no see

My pretty July

Orange sky in July

July’s arrival

July is back

10 minutes before my confession

10 minutes after my confession

I can do it once again

Leere Blicke (Empty Glance) [German]  + English translation

Verlorener Sommer (Lost Summer) [German] + English translation


In a moment


True friendship

Russian Girls

A nightmare turns to happiness


Fake facade

You seem to be happy

July feeling

Two pieces

Letting you go

Take me there

Back to the beginning

Passing by

Go away


Nothing but you


Ocean of love

Season doesn’t matter

Two moments


Do you remember the winter?

Thou art my sweetest seasonal memory

Julie [French] + English translation

Thick dust of July



A refusal can be a chance

What is the past like?

Goodbye, my July!

Some days

I love your summer

From my mind to my heart


Two together

I counted every day

My sweetest winter memory

Painful love from two sides

Broken-winged angel

What I wanted to tell you at midnight

My heart’s deep sorrow


Past view – present view

Tell me, what do you see?

When you left me alone

In my heart I still love you

I want to feel the love that never ends


July is coming soon

Lonely thoughts in a June’s night

First meeting

Three days and three nights

You leave – I stay


Three Moments

Treasure chest with my memories of you

Keep balance

In the end


Where can I get the book?


The book is available as an e-book. You can buy it and read it on a reader, your smartphone, your tablet computer or your computer. Please read the information on the website where you plan to buy it to see which reading devices are supported.