[PDF] Timo Schmitz: “The economic situation of North Korea – 2018”

This is a new analysis on the North Korean economy by Timo Schmitz who is an expert on North Korea issues. “In 2015 and 2017, I gave a short account on the current economic situation on North Korea. Since the country is very isolated and closed it can take up to 2 to 3 years until an information from the very deep insight of the country is confirmed or disproved. This article tries to show the development from 2014 to 2017 and shows a tendency about the recent development.”

DOWNLOAD HERE: “The economic situation of North Korea – 2018”

See also: Schmitz, Timo: How satisfied are the people who live in North Korea? – An estimation around 2008-2013 (20 June 2015) in: Collected Online Articles in English Language 2013-2016, Berlin 2017, ISBN: 978-3-7450-5918-2


კულტურული რევოლუციების აუცილებლობა (2017) [PDF]

დაწერილია ტიმო შმითცის მიერ
გამოქვეყნებულია 2014 წლის 25 დეკემბერს
თარგმნა მარიამ მანგოშვილმა 2017 წლის 30 ნოემბერს

კულტურული რევოლუციების აუცილებლობა

[詩]선남봉: “정의” / [Poem] Timo Schmitz: “Justice” (Korean in Hangul and Hanja and English translation)

작가: Timo Schmitz (선남봉)
2017년8월 17 일

자유 – 나는 너를 수색한다,
서울은 한길을 나는 따라 걷는다.
평양에 대덩강 울고있다,
북남은 벽이 앞길을 막혔다.
래일은 빛이 비치흐르 않는다.
자유 – 너를 사랑하다,
북남에 로동자들은–
억압을 삼키지 않을 것이다!

作家: Timo Schmitz (孙南峰)
2017年8月 17 日

自由 – 나는 너를 搜索한다,
서울은 한길을 나는 따라 걷는다.
平壤에 大同江 울고있다,
北南은 壁이 앞길을 막혔다.
來日은 色이 비치흐르 않는다.
自由 – 너를 사랑하다,
北南에 勞動者들은 –
抑壓을 삼키지 않을 것이다!

By Timo Schmitz, 17 August 2017

Freedom – I search you,
Walking through Seoul’s one way-roads,
Pyongyang’s Taedong River cries,
Borders north and south block our future,
Tomorrows light can not shine and flow,
Freedom – I love you,
The workers in North and South
Won’t swallow oppression!

Timo Schmitz: “The absense of being ruled as real democratic alternative” (2017) [PDF]

Nations traditionally tend to expand and building empires is seen as might. However, this concept is condemned to fail and instead, we have to go back to the people on the ground. In 2015, I proclaimed the New Constructivist Communism and its three levels. In this article, I want to show why the New Constructivist Communism is a true alternative and how it affects the class struggle.

DOWNLOAD HERE: “The absense of being ruled as real democratic alternative” (2017)

My Archive Of Languages (2017 Edition) – NOW AVAILABLE !!! – ISBN: 9783745005103


When I was very young, I started to collect phrases and words in many different languges and within the years I created a big archive. In the first edition of “My Archive Of Languages” (2016), I opened the archive to the public.

This new edition contains updates and more phrases, new exercises, introductions into scripts and other features that were not included in the previous edition. The work is divided in the so called ‘manuscripts’ which are the collected files, and an appendix with ‘Notes’. These notes contain useful information about the languages, grammatical features, explanations to the phrases, etc., making it a general reference work. It is intended for polyglots who want to get a glimpse in different languages and work with them on their own. The book is multilingual, but most manuscripts are explained in English, though some are given in German, French, Chinese or Russian.

The languages that can be found in this book:
Arabic (dialects only)
Cameroon Pigin (“Bad English”)
Circassian (Adyge & Kabardin)
Chechen (+ Kist)
Fakauvea (Wallisian)
Farsi/ Dari
Fiji Hindi
Indonesian/ Malay
Irish Gaelic
Karoninka (Karone)
Kreyol (St. Lucia)
Kurdish (Sorani)
Mbuwing/ Awing
Monegasque (Monegascu)
Romani/ Romanes
Swiss German
Tatar (Volga Tatar)
Turkish (Turkey)
Zhuang/ Buyi

Timo Schmitz: “The religious symbolism of the Red Banner movements in DPRK media” (2017) [PDF]

Though the religious motivation of the Red Banner movements is never mentioned formally in DPRK media, the religious symbolism is often brought up however. The reason why there is no explicit mentioning is the fact that the higher classes are rather atheist or agnostic, while lower educated classes are more susceptible for religious beliefs and to ensure that people do not develop beliefs against the government, myths are spreaded and pilgrimage sites opened where people can venerate the Kims as heavenly leader. The article below shows how these reeligious symbols however appear in DPRK media and how they are presented. In addition, also pre-red banner lyrics that play a large role in red banner movements are analysed like the songs “Bright Star” (1966) and “The Star of Korea” (1928/ 1980).

DOWNLOAD HERE: “The religious symbolism of the Red Banner movements in DPRK media”

Timo Schmitz: “Using the North Korean Writing Technique to compose Good Literature” (2017) [PDF]

North Korean literature and movies are very renowned for its strong emotional heart-catching stories, some of them such as “The Flower Girl” (1972) or “The Schoolgirl’s Diary” (2007) had international success and gained a lot of attention. What is the secret ingredient which makes North Korean writings so special, and why should we adopt it in the West, too?

DOWNLOAD HERE: “Using the North Korean Writing Technique to compose Good Literature” (2017)

Timo Schmitz: “Lexicon of self-studied indigenious beliefs till July 2017 – Citations from my works” (2017) [PDF]

In this paper, I summarized and quoted the research on indigenious religions which I published till July 2017 as a kind of lexicon to make it easier and save time to look up the published material.

(Including religions from Circassia, Ossetia, Georgia, Russia, Vietnam, Korea, China, Mongolia, Laos, and the USA)

DOWNLOAD HERE: “Lexicon of self-studied indigenious beliefs till July 2017– Citations from my works

Timo Schmitz: “The economic situation of North Korea – 2017” (PDF)

In the beginning of 2015, I published an article in which I covered the modern economic history and presented major issues that appeared till the end of 2014. This paper tries to cover up the further development in between 2015 and 2017, as well as re-checking the facts of 2014. It especially tries to point out the severe failures and narrowness of North Korean reforms that just privileged a few, while the majority of the North Korean population seems to resign from any hope, and despite malnutrition which is already documented, new starvings are feared. Thus, although Kim Jong-un could benefit from the push-forwards of his father who strengthened the country and made a quite strong nation out of North Korea, his son quickly torn down everything to pieces, and the first time since 10 years, massive waves of homeless people and temporary workers are wandering around begging for food and searching for work.

DOWNLOAD HERE: The economic situation of North Korea – 2017