Timo Schmitz: “The εὐδαιμονία in the Roman Empire around the Birth of Christ in the Stoic School as seen through Seneca” (2017) [PDF]

Seneca lived in the first century AD, and thus around the time of Jesus Christ. As a Stoic, he clearly rejected the passions and built up a concept of radical reason. This paper analyses the main ideas on Seneca’s εὐδαιμονία in short.

DOWNLOAD HERE: The εὐδαιμονία in the Roman Empire around the Birth of Christ in the Stoic School as seen through Seneca

Timo Schmitz: “εὐδαιμονία as τέλος of Ancient Greek philosophy” (2017) [PDF]

From Plato to Plotin, the main question of philosophy was the question on how to live a successful life. Not just the question of who created us was of major importance, but also the question where life will lead us. What will happen after life? How can we reflect the achievings of our life? Though every branch of Ancient Greek philosophy had its own methodology, the τέλος was the same: εὐδαιμονία!

Timo Schmitz: εὐδαιμονία as τέλος of Ancient Greek philosophy – DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE!

[Poem] Timo Schmitz: “Daymoxk” (2017) – Chechen in Latin letters with English translation

For the Chechens in Europe! Never forget your language, never forget your home!


Avtor: Timo Schmitz

Noxҫiyҫö, san xaza moxk,
niysa adamaş, nisxalla moxk,
ẋo kavkazera moxka bu,
san dog oyla ẋuca du,
Txa Jevropäẋ sagotdalla,
Noxҫiyҫö, ẋo txoca jelarla !
Noxҫe derriga dunjeҫa du !
Carna malx siyrd ẋjeƶaş bu!
Noxҫiyҫö, stengax bu ẋo djega bjezam ??

7 Iyunya 2017

By Timo Schmitz

Chechnya, my beautiful land,
Strong people, strong land,
You are the ruler of the Caucasus,
My heart is rejoicing!
We in Europe are missing you,
Chechnya, you were ours,
Chechens are everywhere in the world,
The sun always shines brightly,
Chechnya, where are you my love?

7 June 2017

[Poem] Timo Schmitz: “Ramadan” (Рамадан) – Russian with English translation – 2017

The following poem is for my Muslim friends in support for their feast on Ramadan.
Ramadan mubarak!

Автор: Тимо Шмитц

Ты самый высокий дар от бога,
мы забываем простота так много,
но раз в год ты просишь нас
вернутся к тому пути, которому ты научил нас,
мы так Благодарный твоему дару,
и что мы можем делать добро для вас,
в мире есть твой Божественный план,
и каждый год, люди празднуют Рамадан!

30 мая 2017 г.

English translation:

By Timo Schmitz

You are the highest gift of God,
We forget simplicity just too often,
But once in a year you ask us,
To return to the way which you taught to us,
We are so thankful for your gift,
And that we can do good for You!
The world consists of a divine plan,
And every year, people celebrate Ramadan!

30 May 2017

[Poem] Timo Schmitz: “Sölƶa-Ġala” (Соьлжа-Г1ала) – Chechen with English translation (2017)

Автор: Тимо Шмитц

Сан хьоме Соьлжа-Г1ала!
Даиман къона лаьтташ ю.
Г1алаг1азкхеш йиллина шахьар,
Тахан нохчийн къоман дог хьо ду.
Вай нохчийн сийлахь турпалаш,
Мостаг1ашна кхерамна,
Т1амо бохийна Бахам юхаметтахоттийна.
Нохчийчоьнан дога ду вайн маьждиг.
Гонахьа деррига зезагаш ду.

28 мая 2017 г.

By Timo Schmitz

My beloved Grozny,
you stay still young,
the Cossacks founded the town,
but nowadays you are the heart of our nation,
our Chechen great heroes,
all enemies fear,
reconstructed out of a ruined town,
Chechnya’s heart is our mosque,
And flowers are everywhere around it.

28 May 2017

Mari Mangoshvili: “Darkness” [Short story], PDF (2017)

In the file you can download below, you’ll find a lovely short story by my friend Mari Mangoshvili. She is really a very talented writer and I want to support her as much as I can. I think her message in this story is so true and it is a recent topic. She knows how to set words very well to touch the people. Mari, you have all my respect!

DOWNLOAD HERE: Mari Mangoshvili: “Darkness” (2017)

[Poem] Timo Schmitz: “Свобода” (Freedom) – Russian with English translation – 2017

Автор: Тимо Шмитц

Я помню тебя, это так давно,
Но сегодня, я знаю, ты так далеко,
Горы молчат от горя,
Мертвые тела спят тогда,
Каждую ночь я слышу их крик,
Каждую ночь я слышу их хрип,
Я мечтаю, что я могу жить,
Что дети улыбаются; может-быть,
Где мне не нужно забывать, кто я –
Свобода, я люблю тебя!

20 мая 2017 г.


English Translation:

By Timo Schmitz

I remember you, it’s long ago,
But today I know, you are far away,
The mountains are full of grief,
Now the dead are sleeping there,
Every night I hear their cry,
Every night I hear their death rattle,
I dream that I can live,
where children smile; maybe,
where I do not need to forget who I am –
Freedom, I love you!

20 May 2017