[PDF] Timo Schmitz: “La civilisation chez Hobbes” (2018)

Un résumé sur la civilisation chez Hobbes dans ses œuvres De cive et Le Léviathan.

TELECHARGER ICI! – La civilisation chez Hobbes


Timo Schmitz: “If God exists, then He exists through you” (2018) [PDF]

“And let’s say God exists, then I can see him in you, because you are an image of God, and therefore I shall listen to what you have to say, because God gave you reason not to destroy the world, not to put shame on the sinners or to hypocrite the unbelievers, NO! – He gave you reason, so that you can warn me when I am wrong. But furthermore, He gave me you, so that I can come into you, to explore the divinely cosmos and realize that only love matters, and that we can only change the planet for better through love. And every time you bring me closer to him, I know that I am on the right path. That no matter whether I read the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Pali-Canon, or the Daodejing, He is there with me and created me […]”


[Poem] Timo Schmitz: “Children are dying everyday!” (2015)

Looking tired, you see my aim?
You thought of it just like a game.
But I made the rules not to break,
In sad faces, for happiness’ sake.

Feeling weird, but I realize,
It’s a dirty world and cold cold eyes,
Seeing frozen characters on the ice,
Where matches matching just by dice.

Feeling helpless, you just betray,
The whole world in the way you say,
You think you have good qualities,
But don’t see dead children’s realities.

You have to face, you are not good,
You see every war, and don’t take a look,
And don’t risk your life to make a change,
Pay with small world’s bloody wage.

Adopted from:
Timo Schmitz: Falling Apart, Berlin 2015, ISBN: 978-3-7375-4603-4

[PDF] Timo Schmitz: “La société politique chez Aristote” (2018)

Inclu l’interpretation de

  • Quantité contre qualité de souverains (Politique 1252a)
  • La destination finale dans la politique (Ethique à Nicomaque, 1094 a-b)
  • La base de la société (Politique 1252b – 1253a)
  • Les mandats dans la politique (Politique 1261a)
  • La vertu dans la politique (Politique 1276a – 1277b)
  • Les six formes constitutionnelles (Politique 1277b – 1297a)

La société politique chez Aristote – TELECHARGER ICI [PDF]

Timo Schmitz: “Take me to Nebraska”(2015)

Lonely fields are filled around,
No stranger’s worlded silent sound,
When diamonds freeze in Alaska,
Please take me to Nebraska.

No hush can shake the earth alike,
A soft tornado’s butterfly,
But everything will go on, in turn arounds,
And soy bean fields all along my eyes.

Sweet painting, black ink blurred,
Allocated in water where it starts to flirt,
Veiled, covered with dark mascara,
So take me to Nebraska.

Adopted from:
Timo Schmitz: Falling Apart, Berlin 2015, ISBN: 978-3-7375-4603-4

Timo Schmitz: “I hope that we can be” (2015)

I hope that we can be,
Love huge like the blue sea,
And time won’t let it go,
And distance filled with snow.

I hope that this is true,
And follow me as you do,
That sunshine can’t hide,
My heart’s deep delight.

Vast mountains still far,
Coins still in the jar,
Which time can prove?
I stand at the top of the roof.

Adopted from:
Timo Schmitz: Falling Apart, Berlin 2015, ISBN: 978-3-7375-4603-4