Un résumé d’articles anglais sur la nouvelle philosophie de Timo Schmitz : «le nouveau communisme constructiviste» en français [PDF] (2017)

En 2015, Timo Schmitz a créé le nouveau communisme constructiviste, une idée philosophique, qui concerne la réflexion sur la société et ses valeurs. Finalement, un résumé bref sur sa philosophie est accessible en français.

TELECHARGER ICI: Un résumé d’articles anglais sur le nouveau communisme constructiviste en français


Timo Schmitz: “The New Constructivist Communism in Short, Part 3: Is it really a man’s world?” (2017) [PDF]

After the nature of God was pointed out in Part 2, man’s position in the world has to be debated now as well as the social relations to others. I suggest, an anarchocommunism in which the economy shall be regulated through communism, but man shall regulate himself. This societal system is then projected on man himself: man chooses his friends through what they have in common (equal status), why does this equal status is not put on the whole socciety through compassionate behavior?

DOWNLOAD HERE: The New Constructivist Communism in Short – Part 3

Timo Schmitz: “A short summary of my own philosophy: the New Constructivist Communism” (2017) [PDF]

In this paper, I want to give a very quick introduction in my philosphy – the New Constructivist Communism, which was publisehd in my series “Individualism between Moral and Virtues, Government and Religion” from 2015 to 2016. In addition, several new ideas and minor corrections were proposed in 2017.

A short summary of the New Constructivist Communism

Timo Schmitz: “The absense of being ruled as real democratic alternative” (2017) [PDF]

Nations traditionally tend to expand and building empires is seen as might. However, this concept is condemned to fail and instead, we have to go back to the people on the ground. In 2015, I proclaimed the New Constructivist Communism and its three levels. In this article, I want to show why the New Constructivist Communism is a true alternative and how it affects the class struggle.

DOWNLOAD HERE: “The absense of being ruled as real democratic alternative” (2017)