Having faith in what we are meant to be

Emuna = Happiness with your lot in life. Rav Shalom Arush: Believe and Receive. Breslev English, 18 June 2017. In Book X of The Republic, Plato explains in the Myth of Er through Er, what he experienced in the afterworld. At one point, there is the famous scene, where the souls are queuing in aContinue reading “Having faith in what we are meant to be”

The need for compromises

Be the change you want others to be! Chitkala Mulye Too often, we expect others to adopt to us. Of course, in any interaction, both have to adopt to the other in a certain way and accept compromises, because only in this way, we can connect to the other person and really care. It mightContinue reading “The need for compromises”

The reason why we are NEVER alone

The most important thing is – really – to know that you are not alone! Rabbi David Kraus: Wahrnehmung. Breslev Deutsch, 3 December 2018. (translation mine) Yet, we often do not realize it. We think that no one cares and we do not see those who are with us. And even if, God forbid, weContinue reading “The reason why we are NEVER alone”

Stop carrying all the negativity with you!

How often do we run after things that are absolutely negative? Or even worse: We don’t run after things, we carry these negative things with us!  […] Stop carrying them with you. Rabbi David Kraus: Wahrnehmung. Breslev Deutsch, 3 December 2018. (translation mine) So how often do we evaluate our situation to see whether weContinue reading “Stop carrying all the negativity with you!”

[Book] Timo Schmitz: “A Divinely Way to Philosophy, Vol. 2” (ISBN: 9783985108961)

This book contains selected articles in English language by Timo Schmitz, which were reviewed and (if necessary) updated for this edition. They include mainly political and philosophical topics, but also display his seek for God and understanding the Creation. In the second volume, he presents his insights on Judaism and indigenous religions, such as EtsegContinue reading “[Book] Timo Schmitz: “A Divinely Way to Philosophy, Vol. 2” (ISBN: 9783985108961)”


其实,犹太教与佛教只是以两种不同的方式教授同一个道理。佛教徒认识“无我”的意思。犹太教也有 “无我”的想法。身体只是外在的东西,而被称为“我”的东西是通过灵魂揭示出来的。但是由于我们一直在变化,没有永远的“我”,只有永远的灵魂。所以今天的“我”不是明天的“我”,但我知道“我”存在,所以灵魂要存在。通过灵魂显示出来的“我”仍然很灵活。如果我知道“我”总是在改变,我想知道谁才是真实的“我”。我可能找到我没有出于自己的“我”,让“我”分开。希伯来语中叫 bitul。 Timo Schmitz: 佛教与犹太教的智慧联合. 德国: Buddha TS Publishing, 2022年

Timo Schmitz: “10 minutes after my confession” (2013)

Today is the day that I confessed, Your eyes were glowing, The poem lying on the desk, You were talking to me as I dreamt, I am happy about the time we spent. Now it’s getting better, The sun in my heart, my best weather. I care about you as I never cared before, AndContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “10 minutes after my confession” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “10 minutes before my confession” (2013)

Also if I am close to you, I’m still far away from you, As closer I come, as less I understand, If you are the angel, to be sent. At least you don’t show, At least you don’t throw, The dark curtain around, But what I search in you just can’t be found. I don’tContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “10 minutes before my confession” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “Long time no see” (2013)

I haven’t seen you for so long – missing, Your seat is empty today – missing, And you are far away – still missing. And when I remember you just now, I’m not afraid of your eyes, I could never take a vow, My hope never dies. Look, you are pretty, so what? You alwaysContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “Long time no see” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “Confession to myself” (2013)

Tomorrow is the last day to see you for a long time, I think I guessed right, you won’t be mine, You have passed my way, without a word, But you can’t destruct my heart with your sword. I know what you think of me, please don’t play, I have an anchor, I will goContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “Confession to myself” (2013)”