Timo Schmitz: “Love letter” (2013)

Tonight I dreamed of you, That you could love me too. But when I woke up, My dream just stopped, My heart just cried, I took my pencil to write. But then I threw away my love letter, I think that made things better, I feel sad, that’s enough, And I don’t want to annoyContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “Love letter” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “Broken Heart” (2013)

I doubted you could love me, But hope never dies. I doubted you think of me, But I knew that can’t be true. I doubted you pay any attention to me, You talk to me, so at least I can look in your eyes. I wanted to give you a sign, But I doubted youContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “Broken Heart” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “Missing communication” (2013)

I feel you like me a bit, But you don’t pay attention to me, So I feel very sad, Because maybe the way you like me is just “like”, And not “love”. I don’t know what I shall think of you, Because I love you very much, But you don’t know it, And I can’tContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “Missing communication” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “That’s the way, my love just tasted” (2013)

When I asked to meet you again, You behaved strange to me, I just had a try, But you didn’t agree, It made me so shy. I was sad in that moment, I just wanted to cry, I was strong enough, But you made me so shy. I just wonder if we really fit, OrContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “That’s the way, my love just tasted” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “Blue Sky” (2013)

After this morning’s sorrow, we had the chance to be next to each other again, you paid attention to me, between us there might be a tomorrow, We are moving forward, but will you love me? When? It was just a small moment, I am happy to see, You finally care, about you and me,Continue reading “Timo Schmitz: “Blue Sky” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “Indestructible Heart” (2013)

This morning you didn’t look at me, what does it mean? Yesterday’s sweetness, is it left? My wish, has it just been a dream? Will you break my heart, will you leave a cleft? I feel so empty, although you were next to me. I should not think too much, I will go on lovingContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “Indestructible Heart” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “I had this chance today” (2013)

I had this chance today – to get to know you better, but what do you think after today? Just now, I know I am happy. Of course I am afraid to lose, but at least you paid attention to me. Maybe I should be happier, treasure this luck, and take a chance to getContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “I had this chance today” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “Far Away” (2013)

Do I need to think of you? Do I need this sorrow? If I know you miss me too, Is there any tomorrow? But maybe you are missing another one, Then everything between us might be done, The moment under the orange sun, The day which brought me so much fun. A hug, Later youContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “Far Away” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “Waiting for you” (2013)

Dream, Wish, Warmth, Desire, Seeing you, being shy, feeling ashamed, Don’t show you my feeling. I ask myself what to do? Nothing – just waiting for you. Written in: August 2012 Adopted from: Schmitz, Timo. For better and for worse – A collection of poems. Berlin, 2013. All rights reserved.

Timo Schmitz: “New Start” (2013)

One moment, one thought, A smile, a kiss, That’s what I miss. But only one thought, And it feels like not coming true, You just arrived here, tell me who are you? I am a stranger for you, but still you know, You see me everyday, but of course I don’t show, When I comeContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “New Start” (2013)”