Timo Schmitz: “Preliminary considerations for scientific working” (2017)

In this paper, I introduce the preliminary considerations that have to be done before doing the scientific main research on an issue to write a paper. It shall serve as a guideline and is orientated on the author’s own experience on writing articles.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Preliminary considerations for scientific works


Timo Schmitz: “Uncovering Georgian mythology in a Caucasian context” (2017) [PDF]

Georgian mythology is not yet researched very much in English-language scientific literature, and thus this paper tries to point out the major themes, social contexts, and ways of spreading folklore in a Caucasian context by making comparisions to the folk belief of the Abkhaz, Ossetians, Circassians, and Chechens.

DOWNLOAD HERE: “Uncovering Georgian mythology in a Caucasian context” (2017)

Timo Schmitz: “The εὐδαιμονία in the Roman Empire around the Birth of Christ in the Stoic School as seen through Seneca” (2017) [PDF]

Seneca lived in the first century AD, and thus around the time of Jesus Christ. As a Stoic, he clearly rejected the passions and built up a concept of radical reason. This paper analyses the main ideas on Seneca’s εὐδαιμονία in short.

DOWNLOAD HERE: The εὐδαιμονία in the Roman Empire around the Birth of Christ in the Stoic School as seen through Seneca

Timo Schmitz: “εὐδαιμονία as τέλος of Ancient Greek philosophy” (2017) [PDF]

From Plato to Plotin, the main question of philosophy was the question on how to live a successful life. Not just the question of who created us was of major importance, but also the question where life will lead us. What will happen after life? How can we reflect the achievings of our life? Though every branch of Ancient Greek philosophy had its own methodology, the τέλος was the same: εὐδαιμονία!

Timo Schmitz: εὐδαιμονία as τέλος of Ancient Greek philosophy – DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE!

[Poem] Timo Schmitz: “Daymoxk” (2017) – Chechen in Latin letters with English translation

For the Chechens in Europe! Never forget your language, never forget your home!


Avtor: Timo Schmitz

Noxҫiyҫö, san xaza moxk,
niysa adamaş, nisxalla moxk,
ẋo kavkazera moxka bu,
san dog oyla ẋuca du,
Txa Jevropäẋ sagotdalla,
Noxҫiyҫö, ẋo txoca jelarla !
Noxҫe derriga dunjeҫa du !
Carna malx siyrd ẋjeƶaş bu!
Noxҫiyҫö, stengax bu ẋo djega bjezam ??

7 Iyunya 2017

By Timo Schmitz

Chechnya, my beautiful land,
Strong people, strong land,
You are the ruler of the Caucasus,
My heart is rejoicing!
We in Europe are missing you,
Chechnya, you were ours,
Chechens are everywhere in the world,
The sun always shines brightly,
Chechnya, where are you my love?

7 June 2017