Timo Schmitz: “24 Riddles (March Riddles)” (2016) [PDF]

The following article contains 24 philosophical riddles that are awaiting to be replied by you. Feel free to share your thoughts on it. (Please also read the user-friendly license for further use of these riddles in the end of the document.)


DOWNLOAD: “24 Riddles” (2016)



Timo Schmitz: “Meanings of Constructivism” (2016) [PDF]

This is Part 20 of my philosophical series “Individualism between Moral and Virtues, Government and Religion”.

The term Constructivism has many meanings in different contexts. As I often use the term in my philosophy, I want to give a deeper inside in the range of meanings and clarify how I use the term within my philosophy.

DOWNLOAD HERE: “Meanings of Constructivism”