Timo Schmitz: “24 Riddles (March Riddles)” (2016) [PDF]

The following article contains 24 philosophical riddles that are awaiting to be replied by you. Feel free to share your thoughts on it. (Please also read the user-friendly license for further use of these riddles in the end of the document.)

Impermanent Reality – A philosophical Story

By Timo Schmitz This text covers the thoughts that arise while looking out of a train’s window on a rainy pre-spring day. Passing by, things are passing by, people are passing by, and we are just passing-byers. Passing by, where things arise and go down, where the mist covers the field, that comes as soonContinue reading “Impermanent Reality – A philosophical Story”

‘Right Intention’ a.k.a. ‘Right Thought’ in Buddhism – From emotional theory to practise”

By Timo Schmitz When doing self-study on Buddhism, the second section of the Noble Eightfold Path samma-sankappa, which is translated as ‘right intention’ or ‘right thought’, is an interesting challenge. It suggests that thoughts and feelings have to be separated to be aware of the impermanence of everything to be able to gain mindfulness andContinue reading “‘Right Intention’ a.k.a. ‘Right Thought’ in Buddhism – From emotional theory to practise””