[Poem] Timo Schmitz: “A refusal can be a chance” (2013)

All the time I loved you and all the time you never loved me back, I never saw it as your refusal, As the way you denied my love wasn’t really usual, When I found out that we won’t fit, I didn’t use my passion to win your heart either, And of course you neverContinue reading “[Poem] Timo Schmitz: “A refusal can be a chance” (2013)”

Погляд Плаціна на Бога

Аўтар Ціма Шмітц. Арыгінальная назва: An Aon [8 жніўня 2021 г.] Плацін знаходзіўся пад уплывам як грэцкай, так і індыйскай філасофіі. У той час як Платон прапанаваў дзве сферы, Філон паказаў, што абодва сферы строга падзеленыя. Такім чынам, Філон прапанаваў негатыўную тэалогію, у якой мы не можам апісаць самога Бога. Плацін паспрабаваў перабрацца праз бар’ер.Continue reading “Погляд Плаціна на Бога”

Secularization as a danger for democracies

Why is the world torn apart in so many crisis today? One reason, in my point of view, is the on-going secularization which is not only a chance, but also to a certain degree a grave mistake within our progress. Some time ago, I read an interesting passage by Peter Kliemann on which I stronglyContinue reading “Secularization as a danger for democracies”

Should Theology be applicable for non-believers?

A problem of Strong’s definition of theology is that it puts God and the universe in contrast on the one hand, but includes God within the universe diminishing the majesty of God who is above the universe (and above his creation) [cp. 《系统神学讲义》:神学的定义与任务. China Christian Council/ Three-Self Patriotic Movement, 29 January 2018. https://www.ccctspm.org/faithinfo/10081, retrieved onContinue reading “Should Theology be applicable for non-believers?”

Timo Schmitz being published in Susi Bock’s “The Short of It”

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Zoltan Tasi – Unsplash No one can hurt you again I feel you in my veinsOne touch ahead,Don’t get mad,I protect you!  Toxic or not? We are never on the same level,yet we need each other so much,is it toxic or did we lose sense– for compromises?  I want…

Краткое содержание моего «Нового конструктивистского коммунизма»

Автор Тимо Шмитц. Выдержка из английской статьи «A short summary of my own philosophy: the New Constructivist Communism» [8 августа 2017 г.] В этой статье я хочу дать очень небольшое абстрактное изложение моей философии Нового конструктивистского коммунизма. Первый вопрос, который следует задать, заключается в том, что должно быть в центре внимания: интересы отдельного человека илиContinue reading “Краткое содержание моего «Нового конструктивистского коммунизма»”

[Poème] La tempête laisse rien

La tempête laisse rien, La pluie forme les rivières, La foudre est lumineuse, La puissance trop dangereuse. La terre n’est plus la terre avant, Les arbres plie, les routes sont barrées, Les saisons sont différentes, Mais la magie ne change pas. Les créatures énigmatiques, Font de la marche dans la forêt, Des exorcistes font uneContinue reading “[Poème] La tempête laisse rien”