Is there a connection between the immanence and transcendence?

“Know, my brother – may God enlighten your understanding -: Philosophy is the noblest gift and the most excellent acquisition; for it consists in knowing the remote causes on which the being of things that have being, and the being of the proximate causes of things that have causes, depend, namely, by gaining a sureContinue reading “Is there a connection between the immanence and transcendence?”

Being selfless though we have an expression of the “I”?

[Based on my previous article: Nature and Dogma – The Objective Good and its limited subjective perception (2020)] As pointed out before, evil means that the Good is lacking and the important question is of course, how is it possible that the Good is lacking at any spot, even the smallest, as the Good engarnsContinue reading “Being selfless though we have an expression of the “I”?”

Show me your “naked heart”

Anything “outside” is environment dependent or fades over time. Nationality, age, wealth, family, educational background, work history, are all “external” decorations. I want to see the “naked heart” as it is as a person. Nene Z: “人”を見る. Happy Body Happy Mind, 24 July 2022. Nene Z has a very important point with this very firstContinue reading “Show me your “naked heart””

Finding God in a pluralist approach

“A person may not be able to tell the exact time or place, or trace all the chain of circumstances in the process of conversion; but this does not prove him to be unconverted. […] Like the wind, which is invisible, yet the effects of which are plainly seen and felt, is the Spirit ofContinue reading “Finding God in a pluralist approach”

The dilemma of modern psychology

Grimes & Mishlove [Jeffrey Mishlove: Philosophical Midwifery with Pierre Grimes. New Thinking Allowed, 26 October 2017.] pointed out that the drama of modern psychology is that it is concerned a lot with empiricism, but not with what is in their name, the ‘psyche’, meaning soul in Greek.  – Indeed, the soul is something which isContinue reading “The dilemma of modern psychology”

Timo Schmitz: “Apocalyptic forgiveness” (2021)

Thanks so much to Luna who published my poem in her Poetry Bar! Hvala ti. Tako sam počašćen. Flying down with fiercy winds, In a world that used to be different, Innocent and yet full of man’s sins, Torn apart with a bitter end? Innocent blood on all those streets, Who cannot see the belovedContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “Apocalyptic forgiveness” (2021)”

Timo Schmitz: “24 Riddles (March Riddles)” (2016) [PDF]

The following article contains 24 philosophical riddles that are awaiting to be replied by you. Feel free to share your thoughts on it. (Please also read the user-friendly license for further use of these riddles in the end of the document.)   DOWNLOAD: “24 Riddles” (2016)