Timo Schmitz: “Tishina” (2013)

Alone in this corner, that you will never pass again,

Remembering the old time, remembering back then,

But now there is only silence.

Awaiting you, but knowing you won’t come,

Awaiting you, tired, I’m not on the run,

And all I hear is the silence.

In my thoughts, I want you to squeeze,

And cold, the wind just grazes my knees,

I’m still here, around me there is only silence!

I can’t believe, it’s just so sudden,

So fresh, and after the rain, so sodden,

And everyone is so silent!

The colours, so colourful as you are,

The rain, I can’t see, just as you, so far,

And all that’s left is silence.

tishina (тишина): silence

Adopted from: Schmitz, Timo. Treaure in my mind. Berlin, 2013.

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