Should Philosophy be blamed for the upcoming of Atheism?

One chapter in the book 36 Argumente für Gott is called “Atheism is not an invention by science, but rather by philosophy (“Der Atheismus ist keine Erfindung der Wissenschaft, sondern vielmehr der Philosophie”), claiming: “The pioneers of atheism were not natural scientists, but philosophers of the Enlightenment. It also found social distribution through the FrenchContinue reading “Should Philosophy be blamed for the upcoming of Atheism?”

Is theology a science or not?

According to A.H. Strong, theology is the science of God, and of God’s relationship to the universe. [《系统神学讲义》:神学的定义与任务. China Christian Council/ Three-Self Patriotic Movement, 29 January 2018., retrieved on 21 March 2022.]  However, this leads to some problems: (1) The most holy which is God, becomes object of science, which in the Anglo-Saxon sphereContinue reading “Is theology a science or not?”

Avoiding dogmatism through realizing that human-beings are limited beings

[Based on my previous article: Nature and Dogma – The Objective Good and its limited subjective perception (2020)] “Yet the great bird rises from the vast ocean and is borne on the great mass of air, the only support capable of carrying its immensity and soaring at an amazing height. A cicada has just hatchedContinue reading “Avoiding dogmatism through realizing that human-beings are limited beings”

Time is not a friend for a Darwinist

“The fine tuning of the universe is something uniquely special. What is brought against it from an atheist perspective? One tries to legitimate this incredible tiny possibility of a spontaneous creation of life by adding an infinite time to do so to rise its possibility. But in fact, this fine tuning points to a fineContinue reading “Time is not a friend for a Darwinist”

Is Intelligent Design just another name for U.S. creationism?

“Many news articles and reports confused intelligent design with biblical creationism and its literal reading of the book of Genesis. Other articles echoed the talking points of our critics and portrayed our work as either ‘giving up on science’ or a sneaky attempt to circumvent the legal prohibitions against teaching creationism in the public schoolsContinue reading “Is Intelligent Design just another name for U.S. creationism?”

The dilemma of modern psychology

Grimes & Mishlove [Jeffrey Mishlove: Philosophical Midwifery with Pierre Grimes. New Thinking Allowed, 26 October 2017.] pointed out that the drama of modern psychology is that it is concerned a lot with empiricism, but not with what is in their name, the ‘psyche’, meaning soul in Greek.  – Indeed, the soul is something which isContinue reading “The dilemma of modern psychology”

Intelligence/ consciousness as struggling factor for naturalists and the problem of proofs in general

[Y]ou cannot get an intelligent organism, such as a human being, out of an unintelligent universe. Alan Watts: The Myth of Myself – Part 1. Alan Watts Organization. 19 April 2019. Indeed, this is one of the biggest lacks in modern materialism to explain how matter alone shall become intelligent. Some people argue that artificialContinue reading “Intelligence/ consciousness as struggling factor for naturalists and the problem of proofs in general”