[Poem] Timo Schmitz: “Dark Ink”

Dark ink, dark as the coming night, Flows down this piece, with no delight, Scratches the paper and forming a river, While my emotions start to shiver. So many mem’ries I wanted to put inside, How much I fought for us, how you left me aside, That I can’t forget you, even after time hasContinue reading “[Poem] Timo Schmitz: “Dark Ink””

Choosing a happy life – Is it possible?

The Ancient Greeks defined the purpose of life to be felicity which is called εὐδαιμονία in Greek. It is made up of the noun δαίμων meaning ‘god-like fate’ and εὐ, the adverb of ἀγαθός meaning ‘good’, thus meaning ‘good fate’. It served as the life goal in the whole Antiquity and was called the beautifulContinue reading “Choosing a happy life – Is it possible?”

Should Philosophy be blamed for the upcoming of Atheism?

One chapter in the book 36 Argumente für Gott is called “Atheism is not an invention by science, but rather by philosophy (“Der Atheismus ist keine Erfindung der Wissenschaft, sondern vielmehr der Philosophie”), claiming: “The pioneers of atheism were not natural scientists, but philosophers of the Enlightenment. It also found social distribution through the FrenchContinue reading “Should Philosophy be blamed for the upcoming of Atheism?”

Is there a connection between the immanence and transcendence?

“Know, my brother – may God enlighten your understanding -: Philosophy is the noblest gift and the most excellent acquisition; for it consists in knowing the remote causes on which the being of things that have being, and the being of the proximate causes of things that have causes, depend, namely, by gaining a sureContinue reading “Is there a connection between the immanence and transcendence?”

Is Intelligent Design just another name for U.S. creationism?

“Many news articles and reports confused intelligent design with biblical creationism and its literal reading of the book of Genesis. Other articles echoed the talking points of our critics and portrayed our work as either ‘giving up on science’ or a sneaky attempt to circumvent the legal prohibitions against teaching creationism in the public schoolsContinue reading “Is Intelligent Design just another name for U.S. creationism?”

Timo Schmitz: “Something old – Something new” (2013)

I saw you before, was interested in you, but uncertain, You might be shy, want to hide behind a curtain, Not knowing before, now could I be sure? The first time, you were delightful, Now you still are like that, still so smooth, But still we are living under two different roofs. If I knewContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “Something old – Something new” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “December Storm” (2013)

If you hurt me, shall I forgive you? When I forgive you, will you hurt me again? Honestly I can forgive all you did wrong, We are not perfect, but perfect is our universe, And if you smash our universe it is nothing, I still own my own universe, the innocent longing, To connect myContinue reading “Timo Schmitz: “December Storm” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “Frozen Love” (2015)

Thinking that it surely changes, Seeing how the way arranges, Life path’s lonely witness reveals, What my lonely heart just feels. Rain clouds in the sun’s paradise, Glowing is my heart, when I see your eyes, Hearing your words, they disappear, Faces drawn in dark heart’s fear. Can’t blame the way you see the world,Continue reading “Timo Schmitz: “Frozen Love” (2015)”

My guest appearance in Lisa Tomey’s podcast “The Prolific Pulse Poetry Podcast”

I was a guest in Lisa Tomey‘s “Prolific Pulse Poetry Podcast”. Click here and you will be redirected to Youtube to see the recording. (Disclaimer: Since it is a third party link, please take a look on the Privacy Policy page of Youtube to manage your privacy policy options. I have no influence on theirContinue reading “My guest appearance in Lisa Tomey’s podcast “The Prolific Pulse Poetry Podcast””