The very basics of my Judeo-Buddhism in a few bullet points

For those who did not follow all my writings and want to get some orientation about my philosophical standpoints without reading tons of my literature. Here is a small overview in a few bullet points: “All that which Judeo-Buddhism actually means is understanding Judaism and Buddhism and their close relatedness in content. Jewish and BuddhistContinue reading “The very basics of my Judeo-Buddhism in a few bullet points”

The cloud as symbol of God’s presence in the Torah

“Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt where they were enslaved.  In preparation to enter the land promised by God, the Israelites remained in the wilderness for forty years, and ‘God guided them with the cloud by day and with light from the fire all night’ (Psalms 78:14). The Bible often uses a cloud asContinue reading “The cloud as symbol of God’s presence in the Torah”

[Book] Timo Schmitz: “A Divinely Way to Philosophy, Vol. 2” NEW EDITION!

This book contains selected articles in English language by Timo Schmitz, which were reviewed and (if necessary) updated for this edition. They include mainly political and philosophical topics, but also display his seek for God and understanding the Creation. In the second volume, he presents his insights on Judaism and indigenous religions. Besides his seriesContinue reading “[Book] Timo Schmitz: “A Divinely Way to Philosophy, Vol. 2” NEW EDITION!”

Extraterrestrial life and the belief in God

When we look at the sky at night, we see that the universe is not only unique, but also very astonishing. For scientists, it is always extremely astonishing what they find within the universe. Of course, it is fascinating for human-beings to find out whether there are other beings on other planets which are likeContinue reading “Extraterrestrial life and the belief in God”

Being selfless though we have an expression of the “I”?

[Based on my previous article: Nature and Dogma – The Objective Good and its limited subjective perception (2020)] As pointed out before, evil means that the Good is lacking and the important question is of course, how is it possible that the Good is lacking at any spot, even the smallest, as the Good engarnsContinue reading “Being selfless though we have an expression of the “I”?”

Having faith in what we are meant to be

Emuna = Happiness with your lot in life. Rav Shalom Arush: Believe and Receive. Breslev English, 18 June 2017. In Book X of The Republic, Plato explains in the Myth of Er through Er, what he experienced in the afterworld. At one point, there is the famous scene, where the souls are queuing in aContinue reading “Having faith in what we are meant to be”

Stop carrying all the negativity with you!

How often do we run after things that are absolutely negative? Or even worse: We don’t run after things, we carry these negative things with us!  […] Stop carrying them with you. Rabbi David Kraus: Wahrnehmung. Breslev Deutsch, 3 December 2018. (translation mine) So how often do we evaluate our situation to see whether weContinue reading “Stop carrying all the negativity with you!”

“Chassidic Philosophy, Platonism & Yogacara Buddhism” – My guest appearance in Sanjana Singh’s ‘The Naked Dialogue’

The Naked Dialogue – Hosted by Sanjana Singh (Tel Aviv, Israel) Episode 7 with Timo Schmitz: Chassidic Philosophy, Platonism & Yogacara Buddhism