Timo Schmitz: “Hope” (2013)

You see me regulary now, But you are strange to me, You want to hurry in my heart, You feel this place seems to be free. You think you are somebody great, And for you the whole world would wait, You think you are there, Your magnitude severe. Your charm wants me to come closer,Continue reading “Timo Schmitz: “Hope” (2013)”

Timo Schmitz: “Waiting for you” (2013)

Dream, Wish, Warmth, Desire, Seeing you, being shy, feeling ashamed, Don’t show you my feeling. I ask myself what to do? Nothing – just waiting for you. Written in: August 2012 Adopted from: Schmitz, Timo. For better and for worse – A collection of poems. Berlin, 2013. All rights reserved.

Timo Schmitz: “My pretty July” (2013)

The wind it blows, the kiss good-bye, my heart is broken, in favor of July. The deep ocean is far, In the silence it dies, The desperate fear, The wings of July. The scene gets hotter, The heart just denies, The people so nervous, In front of me – July. The fear in my face,Continue reading “Timo Schmitz: “My pretty July” (2013)”

My poetry: “Falling Apart” (2015)

“Love and hate, desire and loneliness, happiness and sadness – everything lies so close to each other, and all these are experiences that every human-being has to go through. This poetry collection deals with our feelings – love, longing, desire, unfulfilled wishes, future dreams. Its bright language and imagery tries to make the situations toContinue reading “My poetry: “Falling Apart” (2015)”