Summary of some key points from my advanced thoughts within my Judeo-Buddhist philosophy in a few bullet points

This article is intended for those who read the basic works on my Judeo-Buddhist philosophy, but not my work Deep In the Ocean Is a Hidden Treasure (Manderscheid 2023). I hope that this summary helps to give an overview about the very key points of my latest thoughts. Now what can we say to thoseContinue reading “Summary of some key points from my advanced thoughts within my Judeo-Buddhist philosophy in a few bullet points”

Religious conservatism as a chance or constraint for progress?

In a secularized world, religion is often negatively connoted and liberal forces tend to see religion as a boundary for a liberal world. One argument which is often brought forth is the alleged radicalism of believers and the normative character of churches which is said no to be according to our times anymore. As such,Continue reading “Religious conservatism as a chance or constraint for progress?”

On Genesis 1:1

Genesis 1:1 informs us that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, which is the very first phrase of the Torah. As pointed out plenty of times before in my previous articles, God is comparable to the Dao. “Like the Dao, He is a force that can create anything with deliberation. Therefore,Continue reading “On Genesis 1:1”

Enlightenment and the Kingdom of God

“The kingdom of God comes not with outward show. It comes through the gentleness of the inspiration of His word, through the inward working of His Spirit, the fellowship of the soul with Him who is its life. […] He does not approve of any self-satisfied endeavor to display superior goodness. He desires that theirContinue reading “Enlightenment and the Kingdom of God”

The different layers of my Judeo-Buddhist philosophy

My Judeo-Buddhist philosophy tries to connect the wisdom of Judaism and its monotheist God with the wisdom of Buddhism, teaching the need for enlightenment. Both, Judaism and Buddhism are actually very closely related in content. Jewish and Buddhist philosophy are bound to the respective religions of course, but religion and philosophy always share a closeContinue reading “The different layers of my Judeo-Buddhist philosophy”

[Book] Timo Schmitz: “A Divinely Way to Philosophy, Vol. 2” NEW EDITION!

This book contains selected articles in English language by Timo Schmitz, which were reviewed and (if necessary) updated for this edition. They include mainly political and philosophical topics, but also display his seek for God and understanding the Creation. In the second volume, he presents his insights on Judaism and indigenous religions. Besides his seriesContinue reading “[Book] Timo Schmitz: “A Divinely Way to Philosophy, Vol. 2” NEW EDITION!”

Philosophy enlightens our path to realize God’s Creation!

Philosophy—God honor you—is broad and great, and to strive for her is a duty and honorific; for she enlightens the intellect and the soul with the light of eternal beauty when they strive for her, and when they have grasped her meaning and reason for cause of life, she lets them renounce this transitory perishingContinue reading “Philosophy enlightens our path to realize God’s Creation!”

Allegory on reductionism

Already a few times, I pointed out that the world is too complex to reduce everything to materialism, which means that something must exist beyond. So any Atheist materialist assumption as a starting point to explain the world has to be ruled out. Recently, I have read a very nice phrase which sums this upContinue reading “Allegory on reductionism”

The longing for justice is in us

“For centuries, millennia, we have lived in a world where there is injustice, there is great suffering, […] but our longing for justice is still there. Why didn’t it die over the millennia, the longing for justice?” Daniela Gelbrich. In: Winfried Vogel (Ed.): Die Bibel – Das Leben. Jesaja: Der ewigen Frieden bringt. Hope Media,Continue reading “The longing for justice is in us”