Poetry Guide

My poems posted on this blog:


For better and for worse – A collection of poems (2013)


Today I had a thought of you

You forgot me, but I can’t forget you

Cold Frozen Night


Blue Sky

That’s the way, my love just tasted

Missing communication

If you had accepted me

December Storm

No thoughts of you

Something old – something new

Not again

Confession to myself

From my mind to my heart

Nothing but you


Treasure in my mind (2013)

Now that you’ve left

Pure Love


Falling Apart (2015)

Her everlasting night


In Chechen Language

Хаза йоl (2017)

Сан сирла Нохчийчоь (2017)

Соьлжа-Г1ала (2017)

Daymoxk (2017)

Дог1 дог1а (2017)


In Russian Language

Чечня (2017)

Чеченские войны (2017)

Свобода (2017)

Рамадан (2017)

Сила любви – with Mari Mangoshvili (2017)


In Korean language

정의 (2017)


In Dutch/ Flemish language

Één mensheid (2017)


In Yiddish language

רייכקייט (2017)


Please keep in mind that all those poems are copyrighted and copying them is only allowed with citing the author and the source.


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