Mari Mangoshvili: “Darkness” [Short story], PDF (2017)

In the file you can download below, you’ll find a lovely short story by my friend Mari Mangoshvili. She is really a very talented writer and I want to support her as much as I can. I think her message in this story is so true and it is a recent topic. She knows how to set words very well to touch the people. Mari, you have all my respect!

DOWNLOAD HERE: Mari Mangoshvili: “Darkness” (2017)

My Stories: „The calamitious dream and other stories“





Table of Content:


  1. Der verhängnisvolle Traum (The calamitious dream)
  2. Donner über Grozny (Thunder over Grozny)
  3. Meine Heimat (My birthplace)
  4. Tränen aus Glas (Teardrops made of glass)
  5. Das burjatische Schwert (The Buryat Sword)
  6. Weine nicht, Tuva! (Don’t cry, Tuva!)



Where can I get the book?


The book is aviliable as an e-book. You can buy it and read it on a reader, your smartphone, your tablet computer or your computer. Please read the information on the website where you plan to buy it to see which reading devices are supported.





Timo Schmitz: Der verhängnisvolle Traum und andere Geschichten

Language: German

Published: January 11, 2014

Publisher: epubli GmbH

ISBN: 978-3-8442-7922-1