Timo Schmitz: “Azawad and the Touareg rebellions – A long walk for independence” (2017) [PDF]

Northern Mali and Niger belong to the areas with most natural wealth in the world, but at the same time has one of the poorest citizens. The tragedy goes back to colonialism when borders were artificially drawn. Soon after Mali’s independence, the Touareg sought to get their own state, or at least, autonomy. But instead, they were massacred in 1963. In 2012, they managed to get independent for the first time, but soon after, a foreign mission started in Northern Mali in pretense of fighting terrorism. Indeed, there are a few terrorists, but most people do not cooperate with them. All what the Touareg want is to live in peace and safety – something that Mali does not ensure!

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[詩]선남봉: “정의” / [Poem] Timo Schmitz: “Justice” (Korean in Hangul and Hanja and English translation)

작가: Timo Schmitz (선남봉)
2017년8월 17 일

자유 – 나는 너를 수색한다,
서울은 한길을 나는 따라 걷는다.
평양에 대덩강 울고있다,
북남은 벽이 앞길을 막혔다.
래일은 빛이 비치흐르 않는다.
자유 – 너를 사랑하다,
북남에 로동자들은–
억압을 삼키지 않을 것이다!

作家: Timo Schmitz (孙南峰)
2017年8月 17 日

自由 – 나는 너를 搜索한다,
서울은 한길을 나는 따라 걷는다.
平壤에 大同江 울고있다,
北南은 壁이 앞길을 막혔다.
來日은 色이 비치흐르 않는다.
自由 – 너를 사랑하다,
北南에 勞動者들은 –
抑壓을 삼키지 않을 것이다!

By Timo Schmitz, 17 August 2017

Freedom – I search you,
Walking through Seoul’s one way-roads,
Pyongyang’s Taedong River cries,
Borders north and south block our future,
Tomorrows light can not shine and flow,
Freedom – I love you,
The workers in North and South
Won’t swallow oppression!

Timo Schmitz: “Who are the supporters of the Naxalites in India? – A social critique or a terrorist threat?” (2017) [PDF]

In India, the Naxalite movement, which is very active in Eastern and Northeastern India is fighting a civil war against the government forces. The Indian government banned the Naxalite forces and labels them as terrorists. This paper tries to show what motivates the people to join the war and why they received a large support in the last decade, when they reached 14 Indian states. In the end, I analyze why the movement decreased heavily in the last years and whether the Naxalite goals are a solution for India at all.

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Timo Schmitz: “The absense of being ruled as real democratic alternative” (2017) [PDF]

Nations traditionally tend to expand and building empires is seen as might. However, this concept is condemned to fail and instead, we have to go back to the people on the ground. In 2015, I proclaimed the New Constructivist Communism and its three levels. In this article, I want to show why the New Constructivist Communism is a true alternative and how it affects the class struggle.

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[Poem] Timo Schmitz: “The Chechen Wars” (Чеченские войны) – Russian with English translation – 2017

Чеченские войны
Автор: Тимо Шмитц

Кровь пробегает по улицам Самшки,
Кровь исходит из глаз домашких,
Бомбили каждый дом в Грозном,
Чеченские дети кричат по утрам.

Горец, знаешь, что мы не забываем,
Твое смелое сопротивление краин,
Массовые захоронения в Ачхой-Мартане,
Жажда Ханкалы,
Тень Гудермеса,
Где ты, родная? Где ты спишь?

13 мая 2017 г.

The Chechen Wars
By Timo Schmitz

Blood runs through the streets of Samashki,
Blood runs through the home’s eyes,
Bombed is every home in Grozny,
Chechen cildren are screaming in the morning.

Mountaineer, know, that we won’t forget,
Your strong resistance of your borderland,
Mass graves in Achkhoy-Martan,
Thirst of Khankala,
Shadow of Gudermes,
Where are you, darling? Where do you sleep?

13 May 2017

[Poem] Timo Schmitz: “Чечня” (Russian with English translation) – 2017

Автор: Тимо Шмитц

Страна с вековых традиций
Страна природы рай на земле
Центар Кавказа манящей свободы
Крепость сопротивление
мужественное поколение
Свобода или смерть!
В вершине гор где горцы живут
и смертью пахнет в горной Бамуте
Ворота к сокровище в Шарой
Слёзы как реки в Харсеной
Шалинская девушка плачет в январе
И запах дыма в бульваре
Мансур здесь был большой герой
Веденском районе сердцем с этой землёй
Джохар убит Гехичу
Мы не забудем время войны
Чечня, вернись пожалуйста
Моя душа, горная страна!!!!!

5 мая 2017 г.

By Timo Schmitz

The country of old traditions,
The country which is the paradise on earth,
The center of the Caucasus alluring freedom,
The stronghold of resistance,
Of a courageous generation,
Freedom or death! [the motto of Chechnya]
On the top of the mountains where the mountaineers live,
And death smells from the mountains of Bamut,
Gate to the treasures of Sharoy,
Tears like rivers in Kharsenoy,
The girl from Shali cries in January,
The smell of smoke on the boulevard,
Mansur, the great hero, was here,
The district of Vedeno is the heart of this land,
Dzhokhar died in Gekhi-Chu,
We will never forget the times of war,
Chechnya, come back, please,
My soul is this mountaineous land!

5 May 2017