[PDF] Timo Schmitz: “Plotinus’ triad as actual experience” (2018)

While Plato and Middle Platonists such as Philo saw a strict boundary between the mental realmand the sensational-perceivable realm, Plotinus sought for a way to overcome the borders of both realms to make it possible to reach the One (which equals the Good). As such, his triad known as hypostasis is to be understood as an experience.

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[PDF] Timo Schmitz: “Differences and commonalities between the first half of Plato’s Timaeus and the Sefer Yetzira on their cosmological accounts of the beginning” (2018)

The Timaeus – which is the continuation of the Politeia – is probably the most important work to understand Plato’s thoughts about creation and the beginning of the world. The oldest Kabbalistic work, the anonymously written Sefer Yetzira, shows Platonist traces probably brought in through Philonist philosophy and thus Middle Platonism, but also shares Neoplatonist elements of the One being identified as God. This paper analyses the differences and commonalities among both works with emphasis on the first half concerning the Timaeus.

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[PDF] Timo Schmitz: “Sommaire du point essentiel du Novum Organum de Francis Bacon” (2018)

“Francis Bacon est très paradoxe. Il veut fonder une nouvelle philosophie pour fonder une nouvelle philosophie. Alors, ce n’est pas seulement sa philosophie qui est trop nouvelle, mais le but de sa philosophie est l’établissement de la « nouvelle philosophie », et donc, c’est une méta-philosophie. Il veut écrire sur l’avenir – un avenir qui est seulement possible comme ça si on lui comprend. Dans son temps, on trouve les empiristes accidentelles qui trouvent les découvertes sans méthodes et qui n’utilisent pas de classifications ou systèmes aussi que les philosophes scolaires, les théoriciens qui restaient théorique. Bacon veut connecter la théorie avec la pratique.”

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[PDF] Timo Schmitz: Making the unreal becoming real in this world – Avicenna on fictional beings and creational problems of the Sefer Yetzira (2018)

The Sefer Yetzira – a Jewish mystical book – takes a linguistic ontology as ground where everything comes into existence through language. However, there is the difference between actual existence and potential existence and one might ask whether beings which are not real are still potentially real as they can be expressed and grasped through language. As the Sefer Yetzira does not explicitely talk about fictional beings, this paper tries to take implications through the Islamic philosopher Avicenna, who – like the Sefer Yetzira – focusses on the intellect as source of every potential existence.

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[PDF] Timo Schmitz: “The ten sefirot and the Jewish tree of life concept – Part 1” (2018)

In this paper, I analyze the first six immanent soul-powers, three of them are of intellectual nature and three of them are of emotional nature. To avoid drifitng into esoterical approaches in which nothing can be proved, I use analogies from Daoism to show their universal validity. In addition, we will see that chochma and bina equal Aristotle’s idea of matter and form and refer to the tohu-wa-bohu as very first matter and form.

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