Timo Schmitz: “Lexicon of self-studied indigenious beliefs till July 2017 – Citations from my works” (2017) [PDF]

In this paper, I summarized and quoted the research on indigenious religions which I published till July 2017 as a kind of lexicon to make it easier and save time to look up the published material.

(Including religions from Circassia, Ossetia, Georgia, Russia, Vietnam, Korea, China, Mongolia, Laos, and the USA)

DOWNLOAD HERE: “Lexicon of self-studied indigenious beliefs till July 2017– Citations from my works


Timo Schmitz: “Uncovering Georgian mythology in a Caucasian context” (2017) [PDF]

Georgian mythology is not yet researched very much in English-language scientific literature, and thus this paper tries to point out the major themes, social contexts, and ways of spreading folklore in a Caucasian context by making comparisions to the folk belief of the Abkhaz, Ossetians, Circassians, and Chechens.

DOWNLOAD HERE: “Uncovering Georgian mythology in a Caucasian context” (2017)

Timo Schmitz: “The Different Forms of Religion” (2017) [PDF]

During history, several forms of religion evolved. From animistic beliefs to shamanism to canonical religions. All these forms of religion are to be seen equal, though their evolutional stage shows that their has been a development from one stage to another. This paper shows a few characteristics on how to classify them and shows examples.

DOWNLOAD HERE: “The Different Forms of Religion” (2017)