Connecting for unity: How two incomplete bodies make a complete one

[Based on my previous article: Nature and Dogma – The Objective Good and its limited subjective perception (2020)]

We cannot get constantly selfless, since one is still caught in the body (so we are remembered that we ‘are’ as the soul cannot leave the body to give up its ego and fully unite with the other souls forever), thus one has to grasp unity (at least for short) and through grasping one takes the impression into one’s life. The Breslov School of Chassidic Judaism teaches that:

“It is impossible to remain in a state of complete bitul (self-nullification, ego-death) for long, lest one’s existence in this world become nullified completely, God forbid. Rather one must always return from there in the same way that the angels in Ezekiel’s vision were ‘constantly running and returning’ (Ezekiel 1:14). One is then able to receive his life-force from the impression that is left from the bitul (nullification) which is the source for the revelation of Godliness (in this world).”

Avraham Sutton: Rabbi Nachman of Breslov: Hitbodedut and Bitul to Ein Sof Running and Returning. 2012.

This is why life is a constant struggle. One does not get enlightened and stays in this state without trying to keep it up. Thus, enlightenment can be a short-term or a long-term state. Or to put it in a better expression: it is an experience. Because we can experience that very moment, but same as all the other experiences, it can be bounded to a very moment. For instance, a short-term state in which we receive unity is a sexual orgasm. In sexual unification, the two lovers are able to reach a strength in which people can go beyond their body and thus it becomes an out-of-body experience, a divine unification. Sexual activity, the act itself, is a kind of communication without any words, and without any thoughts, and therefore, it is a communication beyond our thoughts. As a result, we understand divinity in this moment, because we understand the purest good of the other person in us, and as such, it is a spiritual act: a form of repairing the world. Why is that so? Because in this very moment, the incomplete bodies of both lovers are completed, they are repaired in their unification.

Anyways, we need to be aware that the physical component of the act is rather illusionary. We have no “real” information of the “outside” world, it is only sensory, but not truth, as truth is perceived through the rational part of the soul. Therefore, the mental share is more important than the corporal during the act. So it is no surprise that sex and knowledge share the same root in Hebrew. We know this too well from the Bible, e.g. Genesis 4:1 “And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.” (KJV) Because sex and knowledge share the same root, sex must be a form of comprehension. This is evident as many people have an extremely clear mind at the stage of an orgasm: the purity when nothing bothers the mind can be compared to what the Japanese call satori. It is a small phase of enlightenment in which knowledge and realization is gained. It is a state of ziran. Every form of legal sex is natural and thus, a characteristic of man’s nature and therefore nothing bad, nothing sinful, but good.

Timo Schmitz, 6 October 2022

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