Show me your “naked heart”

Anything “outside” is environment dependent or fades over time. Nationality, age, wealth, family, educational background, work history, are all “external” decorations. I want to see the “naked heart” as it is as a person.

Nene Z: “人”を見る. Happy Body Happy Mind, 24 July 2022.

Nene Z has a very important point with this very first phrase which is of two-fold nature. It is either (a) environment dependent, or (b) fades away over time. If it depends on the environment, then it is outside of us, and therefore, we have no immediate connection with it. This means that we are only able to perceive it with our senses, creating posterior assumptions. Anything which is not dependent on the environment is prior knowledge. However, more interesting is the second point: impermanence of materialism. And indeed, nationality and age are materialistic as well, because the soul neither knows nationality nor age, the soul is immortal. The naked heart, therefore equals the person itself, it is the soul, the actual self. Our body is just a cage as we can learn in Plato’s Phaedo and true self is transmitted through the soul. The body on the contrary is force. Or to put it in Nene’s terms: external decoration.

Timo Schmitz, 2 October 2022


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