[Poem] Timo Schmitz: “Thou art my sweetest seasonal memory” (2013)

Again – you are away, but still I think of you all the time,

The sky is so gray without you, disconnected is our line,

I worry about it and I miss your appeareance, the taste of a good wine,

Forgotten shalt thou be, ‘cause you won’t be mine.

Should I force myself to forget ya, is that fine?

A memory of you is still great, my devotion just thine,

And my love for ya, in every single verse and every rhyme.

Forgetting you is not good, because the memory is just fine.

To forget ya means not accepting what I’ve once felt,

And o’er thine moon, the universe’s devotion was held.

When I love you, it feels like the world turns around you,

And all lover’s sadness snow is molten.

Thou shalt be mine sweetest memory all the time,

And when the season arrives, I think of you, darling,

And during another season I have another sweet memory,

And an everlasting memory, my devoted July, you’ll always be.

Written in: May 2013. Adopted from: Schmitz, Timo. For better and for worse – A collection of poems. Berlin, 2013. All rights reserved.


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