Timo Schmitz: “Hope” (2013)

You see me regulary now,

But you are strange to me,

You want to hurry in my heart,

You feel this place seems to be free.

You think you are somebody great,

And for you the whole world would wait,

You think you are there,

Your magnitude severe.

Your charm wants me to come closer,

Saying yes, I like,

But the waves of your dust,

Through the sky I want to hike.

Sunshine can come,

Sunshine can pass,

Sunshine can come,

My heart is in a mess.

So warm me when I am next to you,

And warn me, when you play me through,

And change the level whenever you want,

And just turn off, when you feel no bond.

Poison me, dear, with your love,

Deep is my veneration,

And hurt me, I can bear,

For you I won’t cry any tears.

I smell your fragrance for the moment,

And I begin to hope,

And I hear them start talking,

And I don’t want to stop walking.

But if I walk too fast I lose my chance,

I know what you think, I know you hate,

And as bright as the rainbow you will dance,

But lost is our fate.

And when I see the myosotis grow,

I think you have already forgotten,

And even the phoenix falls down,

No four-leaf clovers stand in a row.

The daisy greets the spring,

Colored dianthuses showing the way,

Red roses darkly bleeding,

Bright and dark, dark and bright is the day.

When you come near, a firework explodes,

The rainbow shines,

You seem to be a glancing divine,

But you will never be mine.

I adore you, so deeply,

My heart stops beating,

And when I wake up,

You lie next to me.

Why am I daydreaming all the time,

It makes no sense, it has no use,

Even my mind – you have abused,

And your signature is in every single rhyme.

I am not depressed, although it feels strange,

I love you too much, but I need a change,

If I got out of your range,

I would miss you more.

No doubt, you are an angel,

A fallen angel on earth,

You are chasing my heart,

You throw it apart.

If you destroy my feelings you will feel fine,

But it will not happen,

My heart, the mine,

Is the best weapon.

It kills the pain without sparking wounds,

It keeps it on fire, a hot desire,

I have to keep it in a wire,

Of endless love.

In my dreams you don’t deny,

I’m without envy,

If you choose someone else,

I have to accept it.

In the end, I just can hope,

My heart – it has to calm down,

Keep the two feet on earth,

So I will never drown.

Written in: March 2013

Adopted from: Schmitz, Timo. For better and for worse – A collection of poems. Berlin, 2013. All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “Timo Schmitz: “Hope” (2013)

  1. Powerful imagery in this poem and we’ll written too. Thanks also for liking my blog post on Stewardship in Health 🙌🙌🙏🙏🙌🙌😊😊👊👊💛💛🎉🎉

  2. Timo, I really admire what you are doing here – this is so beautiful and raw and very powerful (as Darell mentioned).
    I am genuinely looking forward to seeing more of your work.
    Thanks for sharing 💛

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