Timo Schmitz: 佛教与犹太教的智慧联合 (Buddhism and Judaism In A Unity) – ISBN: 978-3-9859470-1-0

佛教与犹太教的智慧联合 Buddhism and Judaism In A Unity

作者:Timo Schmitz

ISBN: 978-3-9859470-1-0


这本书联合西方和东方的智慧。Timo Schmitz的哲学很深刻因为他认识中国的传统思想、哲学和成就,可是他也很喜欢柏拉图主义和希伯来的故事。他著名的理论之一是佤族女生的理想。他以为理想的人是女人的。 所以理想的人就是理想的女人,她是人类的原型。 所以他问自己什么女生是最理想的,他回答佤族的女生。 尽管如此,这本书也包含他的文章 叫《了解今天的中国》。他想展示中国历史的哲学道路,以及中国是如何建立这样一个和谐社会的。他将儒、道、佛视为传统教义,并展示了马克思主义的社会重要性。

This book unites the wisdom of the West and the East. Timo Schmitz’s philosophy is very profound because he knows the Chinese traditions, their philosophies and achievements, but he also likes Platonism and Judaism very much. One of his famous theories is the “Wa girl ideal”, in which he proclaims that the ideal human-being is a woman, so she is the archetype. So he asked himself which tribe fulfils the ideal the most and suggested the Wa as example. Furthermore, this book also contains his article called “Understanding Today’s China”. He wanted to show the philosophical path of Chinese history and how China built such a harmonious society. To do so, he took Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism as traditional teachings into consideration and demonstrated the social importance of Marxism.

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