Timo Schmitz: “July is back” (2013)

I was scared – I was so happy,

A first glimpse, comes so near,

Then the jasmine’s smell so dear,

Your eyes, so dark, like a fear.

No look at me, an apple in your hand,

The summer is united in you,

The rainbow’s colour only you can understand,

A misery, so hot and so dry,

The sun’s last shining rye.

So colourful, the evening sky it shows,

So red, and orange and turquoise it bows,

So softly as it can never end,

No matter how much I depend.

And lovely, like the bloom of a magnolia,

The lovers, hugging, feels like a dream,

Romantic as the grassland of Mongolia.

And everlasting, as the sweetest of all begonias.

But instead of the magnolia,

And the grassland of Mongolia,

And the sweetest of all begonias,

You are not everlasting,

Your blossom will fade away,

And only the blossom of magnolia,

The scenery of the grassland in Mongolia,

And my beloved of all begonias will stay.

Written in: April 2013

Published in: Schmitz, Timo. For better and for worse – A collection of poems. Berlin, 2013.

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