Timo Schmitz: “July’s arrival” (2013)

Heavy waves in the silent ocean,

Thousands of roses awaiting that time,

A storm of love, so suddenly broken,

The thick sun’s light is shining in July.

So careless as the windy storm,

So thoughtless as it never had been before,

July’s soft skin right in front of me,

Her soul hidden behind, no way to see.

And when the orange returns to black,

And when the black returns to blue and white,

There is a ray of hope shining on my neck,

I think, that I just feel alright.

I have been missing July,

Oh, how much I know she never missed me,

And if July was away,

An empty place between June and August would be free.

And that empty place, we don’t need,

We are glad to have you around,

But I hate the way you do,

Oh, how much I want to listen to the bird’s sound.

I never doubted my feeling,

And I was afraid, so I always denied,

The winter’s wounds are slowly healing,

Last August’s feelings can’t return,

a roasted heart that feels fried.

Written in: April 2013

Published in: Schmitz, Timo. For better and for worse – A collection of poems. Berlin, 2013.

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