Psalm 23 – Ladino/ English

Based on the “Sefer Tora Neviim Uketuvim – El Livro de la Ley, los Profetas, las Eskrituras”, translated into Judeo-Spanish by A. H. Boyadjian, Constantinople 1885.

English translation by Timo Schmitz

Salmo de David

Psalm of David

(1) Adonay es mi pastor, no tender falta.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

(2) En pastos de ermuyo me aze yazer. Djunto a agvas de ripozo me gia.

On the fields of grass, He makes me lie down. By the waters to repose He leads me.

(3) Konforta mi alma; me gia en sendeos de djustidad por amor de su nombre.

Comforting my soul; leading me to the path of justice by the love of His name.

(4) Aunke andi en el vaye de solombra de muerte, no tembre de mal, porke tu estas konmigo, tu vara i tu verga eyas me konortan*.

Even if I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, there is no need to be afraid of evil, because you are with me, your stick and your crook comfort me.

(5) Ordenas meza delante de mi en prezensia de mis** angustiadores, untas kon aziete mi kaveza, mi vazo se revierte.

You arrange the table in front of me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint with oil my head, my cup you filled.

(6) Siertamente byen I mersed me sigiran todos los dias de mi vida, i ripozare en la Kaza de Adonay por longura de dias.

Certainly good and merciful continue all the days of my life, and I shall rest in the House of the Lord for the rest of the days.

*I wondered, why “konortan” is used here, since I only knew “konfortan”, which is indeed much more common. So I asked Eliezer Papo, whose transliteration I took as ground, whether it is a typo or whether it is a correct form. As he informed me, indeed both versions exist, so konortan is right here.

** Here, it was written “is” instead of “mis” in Papo’s transliteration, which seems to be a typo. Since I adjusted the transliteration anyways, I did not put the change in brackets as editor’s note.

Translation published on 27 August 2020.

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