Reading the Tanakh in Judeo-Spanish (Ladino): Genesis 2:18-25

Based on the “Sefer Tora Neviim Uketuvim – El Livro de la Ley, los Profetas, las Eskrituras”, translated into Judeo-Spanish by A. H. Boyadjian, Constantinople 1873.

Vocabulary and Notes by Timo Schmitz

(18) I disho A’ Dyo, no es bueno ke Adam este solo; lo are ayuda konvenyente a el. (19) I formo A’ Dio de la tyerra todo animal del kampo, i toda ave de los syelos, i los trusho a Adam, para ver komo los yamaria: i todo lo ke Adam yamo a toda alma biva, esto era su nombre. (20) I pozo Adam nombres a toda kuatropea, i a ave de los syelos, i a todo animal del kampo; ma para Adam no ayo ayuda konveniente a el. (21) I A’ Dyo izo kaer adormemyento sovre Adam, i se durmio; i tomo una de sus kostiyas, i serro la karne en su lugar: (22) i fraguo A’ Dio la kostiya ke tomo de Adam, en mujer, i la trusho a Adam. (23) I disho Adam, esta vez, gueso de mis guesos, i karne de mi karne: esta sera yamada mujer, porke de varon fue tomada esta. (24) Por tanto deshara el varon a su padre i a su madre, i se apegara a su mujer, i seran por una karne. (25) I estavan ambos desnudos, Adam i su mujer, i no se avergonsavan.


solo – on his own, alone

la ayuda – helper, assistance (female); also see the verb: ayudar – to support, to help

konvenyente – suitable, agreeable; also see the verb: konvenir – to be suitable, to be agreeable

lo are ayuda konvenyente a el – who is a suitable helper to him

el kampo – field

I los trusho – and (he) brought them

komo los yamaria – how he called them

yamar – to call, to name

esto era su nombre – that was its name

su nombre – his/ her/ its name

kaer – to fall down, to drop down, to lay down

adormemyento – sleepiness, tiredness

I se durmio – and (he) slept

I tomo – and (he) took

una kostiya – a rib

la karne – (the) flesh

el lugar – (the) spot, (the) place

fraguar – to build, to construct

la mujer – (the) woman

esta vez – this one (vez literally means time in a counting sense)

gueso – bone

el varon – der Mann

deshar – to leave

el padre – (the) father

la madre – (the) mother

apegar – to stick, to glue

ambos / -as – both

desnudo / -a – naked

avergonsar – to be blushed


ESTA SERA YAMADA MUJER, PORKE DE VARON FUE TOMADA ESTA: The Hebrew word for woman contains the word for man, so this is a wordplay. As the woman was made out of the man, she shall be called “to be from the man”.

I SERAN POR UNA KARNE: They shall reunite in sexual intercourse. Therefore, sex is not regarded to be a sin in Judaism and has nothing bad in it, if done in a legal way. See also Timo Schmitz: Le pouvoir de l’amour, 1 janvier 2019; Timo Schmitz: La sexualité comme réunion de l‘âme, 10 janvier 2019.

Published on 8 August 2020.

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