Mari Mangoshvili: “The Roller Coaster” (2017) [PDF] – Short story

My girlfriend and favorite author Mari Mangoshvili has written a new short story and I am proud to have the honor to present it to you on my blog. She is really the best writer I have ever read and she inspires me everyday.

In her short story “Roller Coaster” (Download below), she talks about life and critically reflects how we waste our time going on a hurry and striving for new things everyday, insead of treasuring the people we love; and once something is achieved we go on striving for other things, leaving the people behind. I think it is a wonderful lesson to rememeber ourselves to cherish the people around us, their positive characteristics, but also their flaws. In addition, it teaches us, not to give up the person we really love!

DOWNLOAD HERE: “The Roller Coaster” (2017) [PDF]


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