My poetry: “Falling Apart” (2015)

falling apart

“Love and hate, desire and loneliness, happiness and sadness – everything lies so close to each other, and all these are experiences that every human-being has to go through. This poetry collection deals with our feelings – love, longing, desire, unfulfilled wishes, future dreams. Its bright language and imagery tries to make the situations to the reader alive and awakes compassion and sensitiveness.”

Table of content:

Letting you go (I won’t hear what you say)
This moment
I feel something in my heart
Dedicated to someone I really treasure
Longing for the Lover
Ages ago
Her everlasting night
Frozen Love
Trigger me
Drowned poem
Bloody life
Withered flower harvest
New hope
Silent strangers
Dark inquiry
Smiling eyes can hide the dark
Moonlight nights and heavy fog
The snitcher
Underworld (II)
Scattered wounds are bleeding
Fog is rising
Let’s love each other!
Snowstorms coming
Journey round the world
Light in the dark
My Secret
I try hard not to fall deeper
Drawn angels still no life inside
Love me as you never did
Nothing can divide my heart
Dreaming in a dream’s divine
Signs of drama
The Blessed Soul
No sight can climb the wall
Colors are changing
Feeling that no star is shining
In a lost world’s playground dirt
I hope that we can be
Easy words and little steps
Take me to Nebraska
Dark dust cov’ring memories
You live into me
Loving the loving when they drown in the sea
Feel me in your lover’s wave
Breaking Roses
Every forever
Flying above a city’s skyline
Soon as my nightmare disappears
Dust in bowls that run the road
Someday on a night-hearts train
Courage to love – and to confess
Giving time
Dark Light
Lonely Soul
Gray shades deep night’s loneliness
Children are dying everyday!
Dozens of thunders over my brain
Purely in your eye’s delight
Dark Night
The Pure
God-sent gift
My universe
Living a moment
The most happy moment
No way to hurt
I almost can’t hide it
Fallen down
It’s your birthday
On a single sheet a rhyme
I want peace (In a world a lonely seed)
Crying in the night
Don’t destroy yourself
Because you mean a lot to me
Kind is your horizon
Longing following the road
Imaginary love
Wake up, my dear
When the world turns to its end
If only you are happy
The divine beloved of time
You are still the one, I’ll never forget
Dream of me tonight
In the silence where you’re walking
I know that I am just dreaming
When you play this melody
I see your photo
Loving you makes me so sad
Hopeless cry
My honest love
When the lights of the world are turning off


Timo Schmitz: Falling Apart
Language: English
Published: 20 June 2015
Publishing House: epubli GmbH
ISBN: 9783737546034


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