Timo Schmitz: “Her everlasting night” (2014)

Down her lips a mass obsession,

Begging her to stay all night,

Sorrow is her sweet-heart’s longing,

She wants to be honest, for he is right.


Touch me, and you feel nothing,

Love out of heart, how is it love?

But if you touch my love,

Unfication will last.


Don’t let it go, shall it last for eternity?

A restless heart walks in the yours,

Don’t want to wait the morning dawn,

Just let it happen.


For the unity I will fight,

So no one can break,

But will you go it till the end

Even if the eyes are cold one day?


All rights reserved. If you want to copy the poem please credit my name and my website and it’ll be nice if you inform me by mail.

© Timo Schmitz, 2014


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