Timo Schmitz: “Her everlasting night” (2014)

Down her lips a mass obsession,

Begging her to stay all night,

Sorrow is her sweet-heart’s longing,

She wants to be honest, for he is right.


Touch me, and you feel nothing,

Love out of heart, how is it love?

But if you touch my love,

Unfication will last.


Don’t let it go, shall it last for eternity?

A restless heart walks in the yours,

Don’t want to wait the morning dawn,

Just let it happen.


For the unity I will fight,

So no one can break,

But will you go it till the end

Even if the eyes are cold one day?


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© Timo Schmitz, 2014


Zara Hussain and Timo Schmitz: “The roses’ devotion” (2014)

She wakes up in the morning,
Wet dew falls down on her,
Like the pearls of love,
The beloved of the beloved longing.

The gentle rose flourishes in Your love
Smiling with obedient lips,
Seeking only your pleasure,
Does  your fragrance devour this beauty

Does the dawn wake up the rose?
The sun reflects her beauty,
Bathing in what she desires,
Love is like water – you can’t live without.

Pure in her love; the rose remains still
Amongst Your creation; her petals prostate,
Through your love does this rose grow in beauty
Quenched by Your thirst; joy spreads from this heavenly scent

Joyful odors, her attraction catches all the senses,
But she wishes to find the one, melting into each other,
Every river has its origin, the place where everything begins,
It’s your beginning, the roses delight, the reason we can love.

Nothing remains but the interior of love
Her strong rooted belief captivates the weak
Dazzled by the silent beauty; a river of blessed drops glorify her Love
Pouring into the heart’s petals; she drowns in the sweet yearning

Longing for love, the roses’ naked steal is dressed with thorns,
Only those who have the key to heart can’t cut themselves,
Who said that love can’t hurt?
But real love is more than attraction, it’s the dream of perfection!

Through the pain of a thorn;  can true beauty flourish in His presence
It is not for the weak to contemplate; crushing her leaves of love explodes as mercy of musk
The rose remains an object of attraction; it is her essence they are blinded by
For the essence of her beauty is His;  a reality of perfection rather!

And a path of roses shall guide the way,
to whom you love forever,
the stars are singing to the moon,
the roses’ love will never die.

Sheltered by His Eminence
A rose remains lost in this love
Blossoming as remembrance of The Beauty
A rose will remain His secret

She can’t speak out her feelings either,
And just a rose remembers what they feel,
Don’t stab the rose, don’t try to erase her story,
Her thorns are full of pain, but her bloom full of joy!

Let her be! A slave of beauty
Pain filled with mercy; little can you give
For she resides like a candle in the darkest of moments
Thorns shower mercy upon her bearing nature

Like a candle burns her heart,
Spending life to her soul,
Her nature can’t exist without her love,
He is her light; without him, it’s dark.

Hold her gently Oh noble one
For her heart resides somewhere sacred
He is the beauty manifested within
How else is a simple rose so pleasing to the eye?

No matter how many people love you,
love the one, who loves you like you do,
and feel him as if he’s part of your own,
even when the evening arrives.

Loving for His sake is truth within itself
Like the rose of love; bear the pains
Secrets lay within the pleasing petals
Watching the sun set sink in her beauty

In the night, she feels the end,
But a moment of eternity,
Never will she forget,
Never will he regret.


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This poem is written in collaboration with lovely and inspiring Zara, who let me share our journey to creativity. It was a wonderful pleasure to write with you, thank you for having this wonderful opportunity.


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