Timo Schmitz: “Levoča” (2013)

Old but fashioned,
Friendly and warm,
A place that you and me adore.

A town well known by history,
Slovakia the beautiful mother of thee,
Where everyone in lifetime once should have been.

So far from here, and still unseen,
The wonderful landscape appears in my dream,
When I see you I forget that I sleep.

Once in autumn, you sang to me “come here”,
That was the time when I wanted to come near,
I want to dream again that you are never so far,
My beautiful Levoča.

Written in: June 2012

Adopted from: Schmitz, Timo. For better and for worse – A collection of poems. Berlin, 2013. ISBN 978-3-8442-6222-3. All rights reserved.


See also: https://schmitztimo.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/for-better-and-for-worse/


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