Timo Schmitz: “From my mind to my heart” (2013)

A warm day, so comfortable,
A restless heart, so adorable,
And all what a heart will be able,
But now I’m sitting lonely next to that table.

She has stolen my heart, but she has already forgotten,
She’s fragile inside, and knows it but …,
She is too weak to admit her inside,
And all that feelings, more and more on that tide,
Her face so motionless but she can never hide,
July is crashing down, no more bright.

Love, you never let me go, I have to admit,
Heart, I know your pain, your feelings just split,
Feelings, I don’t doubt you, I know what you want to say,
She’s the wrong one for me, let her go her way.

Love, I know you only want the good for me,
Heart, I know you want to keep me alive,
Feelings, I know you don’t want to betray,
But she can’t be mine in any way.

She has stolen my heart, but she has already forgotten,
So I want her to give me my heart back and I wish her good luck,
But she’s too weak to admit what she really thinks,
And all the feelings that the lovely summer brings,
July is crashing down, next to me.

Mind, I don’t mind you fancy her,
Heart, I don’t mind if you follow my mind,
But now you are in a dispute,
My mind tells that she’s not good, but my heart says she’s cute.

Mind, don’t trigger my heart’s desire,
Heart, please realize that my mind is right,
And I can be without her, what a joyful delight.

She has stolen my heart, but she has already forgotten,
She’s fragile inside, but knows how to hide,
And thus her horizon can’t be bright,
But I gave her so many chances, that’s right,
But is it really good to fight?
I lost that love, no matter how hard I try,
July, you will never make me cry.
July, you are the summer that keeps me strong,
And forget all the things that you made wrong.
I’ll have a brilliant summer, all along.


Written in: May 2013

Adopted from: Schmitz, Timo. For better and for worse – A collection of poems. Berlin, 2013. ISBN 978-3-8442-6222-3. All rights reserved.


See also: https://schmitztimo.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/for-better-and-for-worse/


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