For better and for worse

For better AND for worse? … Sounds as if someone mixed up the idiom that people use to say when they marry, which actually is called “For Better OR For Worse”. To me, as a German, this sounds in some way strange that something shall turn better OR worse. It is like a black and white scenary. Life can be better, or life can be worse. Loving someone can be better, or loving someone can be worse. In German we have the frequent idiom “In guten wie in schlechten Zeiten” which literally means “In good times and in bad times likewise”. Therefore I decided to break the English idiom. I don’t want to say that something should be better or worse. I want to remember that a relationship isn’t always just better or worse, but both. Sometimes we have happy moments and we feel so happy for our relationship. And sometimes we have bad moments, we have quarrels. We can’t always have sunshine. We also have to accept the rain. Therefore we should accept good and bad times alike. FOR BETTER AND FOR WORSE!

In July 2013, I published my book “For better and for worse – A collection of poems” (epubli GmbH, Berlin 2013). The book contains a collection of poems, short stories and thoughts covering a writing period of one year, showing happy and romantic moments, but mostly desperate love. Why desperate love? I think, sometimes when someone really needs someone – no one shows up. We listen everywhere that the world is full of sorrow – but when someone needs us, we just disappear. People don’t care. Not all the people – but everyone might have had this experience before. Therefore, in certain ways, my book also considers human balance and indirectly deals with ideas and social critics about human relationships and treatment. Let’s all care more about the people we are dear with, and “give sunshine” to people who are just in need. Maybe, if one day, we are sad and lonely – who will support us? We will be glad for everyone who is our real true friend. Therefore, for the archievment and development of human kindness, let us be caring in advance without expecting to receive anything back.


Table of Content


A feeling of love


Cold Spring

You forgot me, but I can’t forget you


Deserve me


It’s not your fault

It’s never too late

Summer Nights

Today I had a thought of you


Cold frozen night

This is why I love you so

New start

Waiting for you

Far away

I had this chance today

Indestructible Heart

Blue Sky

That’s the way, my love just tasted

Missing communication

Broken Heart

Love letter

If you had accepted me

Safety in Heart

The way to self-fulfilment


Next station: No sorrow!

Hold my hand

What’s a dream worth?

December Storm

Lovely Strangers


November Night


No thoughts of you

Winter feelings

Something old – something new

In a lonely december night

Painful Parting

Spring dream

Not again


Cold afternoon in March

Confession to myself

Long time no see

My pretty July

Orange sky in July

July’s arrival

July is back

10 minutes before my confession

10 minutes after my confession

I can do it once again

Leere Blicke (Empty Glance) [German]  + English translation

Verlorener Sommer (Lost Summer) [German] + English translation


In a moment


True friendship

Russian Girls

A nightmare turns to happiness


Fake facade

You seem to be happy

July feeling

Two pieces

Letting you go

Take me there

Back to the beginning

Passing by

Go away


Nothing but you


Ocean of love

Season doesn’t matter

Two moments


Do you remember the winter?

Thou art my sweetest seasonal memory

Julie [French] + English translation

Thick dust of July



A refusal can be a chance

What is the past like?

Goodbye, my July!

Some days

I love your summer

From my mind to my heart


Two together

I counted every day

My sweetest winter memory

Painful love from two sides

Broken-winged angel

What I wanted to tell you at midnight

My heart’s deep sorrow


Past view – present view

Tell me, what do you see?

When you left me alone

In my heart I still love you

I want to feel the love that never ends


July is coming soon

Lonely thoughts in a June’s night

First meeting

Three days and three nights

You leave – I stay


Three Moments

Treasure chest with my memories of you

Keep balance

In the end


Where can I get the book?


The book is available as an e-book. You can buy it and read it on a reader, your smartphone, your tablet computer or your computer. Please read the information on the website where you plan to buy it to see which reading devices are supported.




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